Thai Quinoa Balls (or Bites) with Optional Peanut-Free Dipping Sauce

[These quick and easy Thai Quinoa Balls or Bites make a perfect snack or appetizer! They’re vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free, yeast-free, and low glycemic. Suitable for all stages on an anti-candida diet.]

sugar-free Thai Bites with Peanut Free Sauce recipe
Do you feel as if you’re always pressed for time? Perpetually in a rush? Regularly feel as if the closest you get to a real meal is when you grab the first thing you see (hopefully edible) on your way out the door, which you then scarf down in the car as you drive to work, or yoga, or on your way to the vet. . .?
Well, I’ve been there, too. And sadly, far too often, that “first thing” we grab is something we wouldn’t choose to eat if we had all the time in the world.
In “the old days” (ie, my pre-candida life, over 15 years ago), my grab-and-go of choice was often a pre-packaged bran muffin or donut for breakfast, a bag of chips that happened to be loitering on the counter (yes, I’ve eaten an entire family-sized bag of chips for lunch), or a handful of cookies that had been baked the week before (homemade, yes, but still. . . cookies for lunch!).
As my diet evolved and the option to eat processed or packaged foods was eventually eliminated, I began to experiment with my own “fast food” creations I could prep in advance, pack up, and snag on my way out the door if I needed something nourishing to sustain me.

These days, I never leave the house without at least a small ziploc of nuts and seeds (in case I get stuck in traffic and find myself ravenous, for instance).  But it took a bit of time and experimentation to discover the best options for prepared foods that were also portable.

I recently taught a section of the Food Freedom program  in which I talked about ways to save time and money in the kitchen when you eat a whole-foods diet. One of the methods I recommend is to cook more than you need and freeze leftovers for later. Freezing works particularly well when you can also eat the foods at room temperature–just grab on your way out the door to work, for instance, and allow the dishes to defrost naturally by lunchtime, then enjoy.
These Thai Bites or Balls fit the bill perfectly. Not only can you can bake up a huge batch in advance, freeze for later, then pluck them right from the freezer, but they’re actually best enjoyed at room temperature. If you opt for the dipping sauce on the side, simply store some in small jars or containers so you can bring it with you as well (but rest assured, these are plenty flavorful all on their own).
I find the patties work better for dipping, while the mixture rolled into balls are great for a take-along snack or light lunch on the go. But either way, they’ll become a new favorite in no time.
Sugar-free, gluten-free Thai Bites with Peanut-Free Sauce

This recipe was originally created for the (free!) Snackable ebook by Alisa Fleming of Go Dairy Free. Learn more here, or get the book on amazon. 

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  1. Hi Ricki
    I really enjoy a lots of your recipe I been vegetarian almost 30 years one’s every 3-4 month
    I mite have wild fish.
    this morning I did the apple fritter ring I use only one tablespoon of sugar
    and my spread was homemade coconut yogurt kefir yum yum I also want to mention
    I came across about flax seed is high estrogen so I use chia instead .
    Today I want to try those quinoa ball.
    enjoy your day.

  2. These look yummy : ) Can I ask what makes these not acceptable for phase 1 of anti-candida? Maybe I have forgotten all the limitations.

  3. Floortje Louise says

    Oh my! Ricki! Is it really true that quinoa is suitable for stage 1? I thought it wasn’t, but this really made my day! Yay!

    • Floortje, it depends whose diet you follow. Some allow it; others don’t. There are many anti-candida diets out there and they all work for at least some of the people. . . which is why I like to see people working with a practitioner who can help you find the diet that will work for you. I was allowed quinoa in stage one, and I had no problem with it. 🙂


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