Which is the Best Anti-Candida Diet to Follow?

which is the best anti-candida diet to follow

How do you know which is the best anti-candida diet to follow?

It can be overwhelming when you first start your anti-candida regimen. First off, you’re likely feeling fatigued, foggy-brained, and you might be over-run with cravings for carbs, salty foods, or junk food. Not only do you find out that you must eliminate virtually all of the common “comfort” foods like sweets, bread, candies, muffins, coffee, and so on, you also need to introduce a host of new and specialty foods that you may never have heard of before.

Then, when you start reading about the anti-candida diet, you discover that there are a plethora of approches out there, from entirely free of fruit, grains and legumes, to those diets that allow some of each of those foods, to everything in between. More radical approaches might advocate 100% raw fruit, or up to 70% or 80% fat.

How’s a gal (or guy) to know which diet to follow?

While I can’t prescribe a specific ideal diet for each one of you (I mean, we’ve barely met!), in this video, I cover the principles I used to determine my own diet, and how I learned which foods to eliminate and which to continue to consume so that I could get my own candida under control.

These are principles anyone can apply to healing from candida. I hope they are helpful to you!

And if you’ve tried something different or have your own results to report, don’t be shy–please share in the comments.

Has one particular approach to an anti-candida diet worked better than others for you? What did you do, and why do you think it worked?

Video Highlights:

  • A framework for determining which diet to choose
  • How to decide which foods you can eat
  • The problem(s) with choosing a diet exactly as presented
  • Ricki imitating a rodent
  • Why your current home/apartment, or childhood experiences, might affect the diet that’s best for you
  • The “rules” at the core of every single anti-candida diet


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  1. Chaya Vogel says

    Hi Ricki!
    I read tie anticandida book 2 years ago and it has kept me pretty much symptom free. My problem is finding a good maintenance diet bc I’m so limited (vegan, grain, sugar free) it makes me nuts sometimes. I end up having something not on the diet and I’m OK at first but eventually I start having flairups. What are your thoughts about eggs? And do you have any maintenance diet suggestions. Thank you!
    C. Vogel
    Ps. I’m very similar to you in that I had a pretty severe case of candida.

    • Hi Chaya, SO glad to hear that the book was useful! I eat a diet that’s pretty much the same as yours (I’m grain-free about 95% of the time), so I understand the limitations. I actually created The Sweet Life specifically for people who are looking for support during maintenance, with new recipes each month and lots of individual support from me in the private group. The Sweet Life allows you to navigate the day-to-day living with holidays, vacations, travel, etc and still stick with your diet. It also includes some maintenance-level recipes that add some of the “returned” foods for some people. But most of the recipes fit with your restrictions. You can check out the club here and see if it would work for you. I’d also take a look at the “stage 3” category on the Recipe Index for maintenance-level recipes (scroll down for recipes), or the “grain-free” category for things you can eat now (also scroll through for recipes). For me personally, sticking within the restrictions is much better than the occasional “cheat,” which I find tends to bring back my symptoms. Hope that helps!

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