Reuben Tempeh Burgers with All the Fixin’s

 [Reuben Tempeh Burgers are a perfect “meaty” burger for any omnivores in your life–or not! They’re vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg free and low glycemic. Suitable for Stage 3 and beyond on an anti-candida diet.]

Candida diet, sugar-free, gluten-free Reuben Tempeh Burgers recipe on

It’s almost Father’s Day and I couldn’t let the day go by without posting something special just for Dad!

My own dad is about to celebrate his 95th birthday. Yes, you read that right. Not only that, but he’s still in full control of his sharp wit, cantankerous point of view, dancing legs–and all with a thick head of hair.  (So yep, along with his birthday, I’ll be celebrating the fact that he contributed half of my own genome).

Closer to home, I thought about what I’d make to fête the HH on “his” day. (True, neither Elsie nor Chaser boasts half of the HH’s genes, but they still consider him “Dad”).

It had to be something meaty, substantial, hearty and delicious. After a little thought, I came up with just the thing:  a burger! How quintessentially “guy-like” is that? (okay, so I’m stereotyping. . . but the HH sure does love his burgers).

Vegan, sugar-free, candida diet Reuben Tempeh Burger recipe on

I knew it couldn’t be just any burger, so I excavated my memories of our early dating years, and came up with a Reuben Burger! You see, one of our early trips to Montreal together to visit my family involved a downtown deli and the HH chomping down on a massive Reuben sandwich, another favorite of his. It was one of the few Montreal weekends where we managed some time to actually tour the city a little, and it has a special place in our hearts. So, I decided to combine those two favorites in a burger that would forge a new, memorable celebration this weekend.

If you’d like to mix up a special treat for your own dad (or hubby, or brother, or surrogate dad, or uncle. . . ) this recipe provides a thick, robust burger slathered in a Swiss cheese sauce with sauerkraut and traditional Russian dressing.

The recipe also lets you determine how much of the dish you create from scratch; if you’re in a rush, opt for just the burger and use prepared sauce and perhaps some Daiya cheese instead. However you dress it, this tempeh burger will satisfy even the most manly man on his day.

Hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day–and enjoy some yummy food together!

Candida diet, gluten-free, sugar-free REuben Tempeh Recipe on

“Mum, we’d love to celebrate Father’s Day by eating burgers with Dad. . . except you do realize they have onion in them, right? Oh, why must I be tormented this way. . . ”  

Chaser on

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  1. These look amazing! Great recipe.

  2. What a great vegan meal!

  3. Yum- what a great burger!!

  4. These look great – Reuben style vegan dishes can be found in Melbourne now but I think I would prefer your burger to any that can be bought – the burger looks great (tried a tempeh one this week but everything is better with walnuts. That’s amazing your dad is still going strong at 95. Hope you enjoy your father’s day

    • Thanks, Johanna!! 😀 I know, I think my dad himself can hardly believe it! He’s definitely more fragile than he was 5 years ago, say, but wow, if I make it to 95 and I’m as good as he is, I’ll be thrilled. Hope you are all doing well, too!! xo

  5. My mouth is watering! This looks divine. Father’s day or not, I’m making this for me!

  6. Happy Early Birthday and Father’s Day to your dad! This dish looks absolutely scrumptious! 😀

  7. I love reubens, can’t wait to try this!

  8. This burger looks great! Will it come out the same if i choose not to use soy?

  9. I’ve been trying to think of new ways to try tempeh and this recipe looks like the one. Oddly enough though, I’ve never had a reuben! Not a big rye fan. But I’m betting this is amazing on any bread or in lettuce wraps.

  10. These look really food,.I’ve never tried a tempeh burger, but this makes me want to!

  11. I love that you came up with a “burger”- what a great idea!

  12. I love all things Reuben – saving this to make soon!

  13. Oh, this sounds like everything I love in a burger! I can’t get enough of vegan reubens in any form.

  14. Great recipe Ricki! I would like to make these without the walnuts (nut free). I was thinking of subbing sunflower seeds. Are sunflower seeds ok for ACD or would you suggest something else? Thank you so much!

    • Victoria, sunflower seeds would be my first choice, too. They might not taste *exactly* the same, but they’d still be delicious, and would work well with the texture. Give it a go and come back and let me know how they turned out! (And yes, sunflower seeds are just fine for the ACD!). 😀


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