Anti-Candida Superstar Foods 3: Anti-Inflammatory Foods

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We all know that an anti-candida diet is essential when you’re fighting the beast that is yeast, and there’s a whole list of “do not eat” comestibles. But I think there’s a special category within the anti-candida diet that I refer to as “Anti-Candida Superstar Foods.” 

Superstar foods are the ones that can actively help your healing along, in one of four main ways:

  1. They actively kill off some of the excess fungus and yeast in the body (ie, anti-fungal foods);
  2. They help to reduce inflammation, thereby allowing your own immune system to operate more effectively (anti-inflammatory foods);
  3. They help to heal leaky gut, which is almost always an issue with candida (healing foods); and
  4. They actively boost the immune system, allowing your body to effectively heal itself (immune-boosting foods).

I’m going to add one more “Honorable Mention” category, too: Hypo-allergenic foods–that is, those foods least likely to spur allergic reactions–which will also lessen the load on the immune system.

I’ll deal with each of these categories in a separate video as part of the “Anti-Candida Superstar Foods” series.

In today’s video, I address my top six picks for anti-inflammatory foods. Since inflammation is at the root of chronic illness–including candida–it’s imperative to get it under control if you want to beat candida.  

Question: Do you eat these anti-inflammatory foods regularly? Or, what other anti-inflammatory foods do you like to include in your diet? Share in the comments!


  • Which single food is better at fighting inflammation than over-the-counter medications
  • The one food that kills pathogens while providing amazing antioxidant power
  • Which common fruit has the highest antioxidant value
  • One food you should eat daily (or more often)
  • Great plant-based sources of this key anti-inflammatory fat
  • Which yummy anti-inflammatory food matches Ricki’s T-shirt!
  • How to incorporate these foods into your everyday menus


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  1. yep, I eat these often. currently eliminating foods in search of migraine relief, and have also revisited anti inflammatory lately.

  2. Frankie Burns says

    Just a tip: as well as making a video you should always write out what you go over in it. I read super fast and it’s so much easier for me to skim over the info rather than sit through a 12 minute (!!!!) video.

    • I love videos that offer transcripts, too, Frankie (since I’m also a fast reader). I plan to add them as soon as budget allows. In the meantime, since so many people have requested videos, I’m happy to provide them. And I do understand if some people don’t have time to watch, though! 🙂

  3. Hi, Ricki! Thanks so much for doing these videos, and for the amazing sounding recipes on your blog. I stumbled upon your site while researching a vegetarian-friendly version of the ACD and I’ve already ordered your book off of Amazon. Quick question if I may: Is any caffeine allowed during stage one? I’m not a coffee drinker but I love tea and I (unfortunately) alternate between a graveyard shift a few nights a week and a normal schedule the rest of the week. I can adjust to life without it, but even just some green tea will help perk me up, especially when I drink it just before driving home at 6am some nights. And one more: is any fairy allowed? I gather no cheese is permitted but plain unsweetened yogurt is okay; what about other forms of dairy? Thanks again! You have no idea how much your site is helping me!

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