How to Enjoy the Benefits of Collagen–without Bone Broth

Candida diet sources of collagen

It’s all the rage among holistic health professionals: bone broth.

Seems bone broth is a panacea for pretty much every gut-related problem, from leaky gut to autoimmune disorders to indigestion.

And the reason why? Its gelatin content (and the collagen yield that occurs as a result of gelatin). . 

But what if you can’t, or won’t, consume bone broth? Is there a way to find plant-based sources of collagen–without bone broth?

I talk about the issue, and other food alternatives, in today’s video.

Question: Have you tried bone broth, or supplemental gelatin or collagen? What kind of response did you have? Did it improve your health? Please share in the comments! 


  • Why is bone broth so healthy?
  • Collagen’s functions in the body and why you want sufficient collagen production
  • What happens when collagen production decreases
  • Acquiring amino acids from animal vs. plant sources
  • Which 3 amino acids are crucial for healthy collagen production
  • Two important principles to ensure you’re eating right for collagen production


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  1. Thank you for this! I see so many of my fellow health coaches giving in to the bone broth craze, and it drives me nuts!

  2. Diane Hudson says

    Omg! Thank you for speaking on this topic. I am so tired of hearing about bone broth being the answer to everything.
    The look on your face is exactly how I feel. Gross. Your positive outlook on vegetarian eating is very inspirational.
    Thank you for all your help!

    • Thanks so much, Diane, and glad it was helpful! I don’t know whether everyone can benefit equally from plant vs animal collagen production (the difference, of course, is that with plant foods, our bodies make the collagen; with bone broth, it’s already there in the broth, and we’re ingesting it), but it seems to me that a healthy, functioning body should have no trouble synthesizing enough from these foods!

  3. Oh, I love this! Bone broth, schmone schmoth!

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