Cheating on an Anti-Candida Diet: Why It’s a Myth

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Quite often in my free Facebook group or The Sweet Life (my private members group for people living with candida), I see comments like these:

“I’ve been perfect on the anti-candida diet for over a month. When can I start adding back all the old foods that I had to take out?”

Or else something like this:

“I’ve been following the diet to a “T” for about four months now. Last weekend was my birthday and some friends took me out to dinner. I couldn’t help it–I cheated and had a small piece of birthday cake and a glass of wine. So what should I do now to be sure I don’t mess up the diet?”

What do I say to these people? In today’s video, I share my view about these types of “cheats,” as well as other reasons I think we need a change of perspective when it comes to healing from candida overgrowth.


Question: Have you ever “cheated” on your anti-candida diet? What happened? Were you able to return to the diet (or not) and maintain your health, or did your symptoms return? Please share in the comments!


  • Why the anti-candida diet is not a diet
  • How cheating on an anti-candida diet is different from cheating on other diets
  • How medicine’s impression of candida and other fungal infections is evolving
  • Why candida is like peanuts and crack cocaine
  • How long to stay on the diet
  • Can you follow an 80/20 or 90/10 rule with candida?
  • The “Learn to Love Stevia” Challenge! 


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  1. So happy to hear you discuss the long range “diet”. When I had candida in the ’90s I thought it was gone and for many years its seemed to be. When I got sick again I couldn’t afford the special doctors and anti fungals so I went on your food regimen and exercise alone. Two years down the road I am truly happy with my food. It is no longer a diet, but a way of life. I use several types of stevia, make my own nut milks, bread, etc and basically have plenty of variety in my food forever!! My fridge is not like anyone else’s…I like it that way. I read how people are frustrated and hoping “IT” goes away in a month. Embrace your food and give big hugs to Ricki Heller for her dedication to us all.

  2. It’s very interesting how each one of us is so different in the way we view our nutrition. I’ve only been on the ACD diet for a couple months and I feel so much better, I can’t imagine returning to having a couple slices of peanut butter toast for breakfast, would be a good idea. I even made my own peanut butter, so now I just make almond butter (just raw almonds ground with sea salt.) and I love it on your waffle recipe!
    I do admit, I stray when it comes to making and enjoying margarita’s. I’m on the hunt for a stevia based triple sec, but I know I will enjoy the journey, without losing my way. I grow stevia plants and am experimenting with different forms of it in my kitchen.
    I can’t think of ten years ahead, but I plan week to week on the foods to prepare and what I need to have in my pantry. I’ve even memorized some basic recipes that keep me on this path. I haven’t looked at the stevia challenge yet, but I will soon.
    I know tequila is fermented cactus, but I need to do more research on its affects and candida. Thank you again for your thoughtful instruction and encouragement.
    Also ‘going out to dinner’ as a way to celebrate a milestone, has morphed into ‘going on a hike’ as celebration. We all feel better afterwards!

    • Ann, congratulations on all the amazing progress you’ve made, and changes to your diet! So glad this is working so well for you (and glad you like the waffle recipe). 😀 I think approaching things one week at a time is a great way to do it. We really *can’t* control the future, much as we’d like to try!

  3. Heather Knauer says

    This is so positive and really gives me hope.

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