Is My Candida Getting Worse?

candida diet when symptoms get worse

One of the questions I hear most often from my individual clients and from people in my Facebook groups is something along these lines:

“Well, I’ve been following an anti-candida diet perfectly for a few months now. I haven’t cheated on the diet at all! And I got so much better. But recently–I have no idea why–my old [insert symptom here] came back. It’s so discouraging! What does this mean? Am I getting worse?”

It might be that the person had been feeling full of energy, and suddenly an onrush of fatigue came back. Or oral thrush suddenly flared up again, or rashes were once again all hot and bothered, or sleepless nights returned out of the blue. . . you get the idea. Whatever it might be, a symptom that seemed to be resolved suddenly returns, with a vengeance. What does it mean?

To be sure, it can be very disconcerting when you feel as if you’ve been doing really well on your protocol, and then suddenly–boom!–everything seems to be reversing again. But is it really something to worry about?

I share my own perspective on this type of occurrence in today’s video.  

Question: Have you had cycles in your healing, when things seemed to get worse and then returned to “normal”? How long did it take, and what was the outcome? 


  • A common question I hear from clients and others with candida
  • What makes me crazy when it comes to curing candida
  • What happened to someone who used a macrobiotic diet to heal
  • The usual progression of the healing path
  • Why healing is like climbing stairs
  • How to tell if a flare-up is something to worry about or not
  • Why what appears to be a relapse might not be one


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