All About Probiotics, Part I

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You may be hearing the word, “probiotic,” more often than usual lately. That’s because modern science and research is finding more and more that probiotics–as an integral part of our gut health–are central to most of our health in general.

Probiotics outnumber our own cells in the gut, and they are responsible for a huge number of health-promoting functions, from ensuring our immune system functions properly to proper digestion to production of Vitamin B12 to (in the case of those of us with candida or leaky gut) pushing out the “bad” guys like fungi, germs or parasites from the intestinal tract and ensuring that they don’t take over that prime real estate in our bodies.

I decided to offer a 3-part series on Probiotics on my YouTube Channel, to cover all the key points about these beneficial bacteria, including what they are, why we need them, how to select the best ones, and more.

In today’s video, I talk about the 3 general categories of probiotics that you can consume to help increase your probiotic stores overall, and improve your health.  

Question:  Do you consume probiotics regularly? Which type(s) have you tried?


  • The three major categories of probiotics.
  • Which types of probiotics to choose if you’re plant-based
  • Why your sauerkraut isn’t the same as my sauerkraut.
  • What I learned from my friend who fed her guinea pig.
  • A reason, perhaps, why vegans didn’t used to need B12 supplements?
  • Newest type of probiotics and how they’re different from all the others.


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