All About Probiotics, Part 2

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In Part One of the “All About Probiotics” series, I talked about the different types of probiotics and where to find them.

But how do you know which types to take? And what about when to take them? We’re learning more and more about probiotics daily, as well as how crucial they are to our good health. My feeling is that, if you want to ensure a healthy gut microbiome, you should be supplementing with probiotics daily. (Yep, even after your gut is healed–because let’s face it, our modern world just doesn’t feed our bodies like it used to).

In today’s video, I talk about why probiotics are important, some of the key strains and how they support good health, and when is the best time to take your beneficial bacteria. 

Watch below!

Question:  Do you take a daily probiotic? Do you have a probiotic supplement that you love? Share in the comments! 


  • Why your gut microbiome is like having an army waging war within
  • The main functions of probiotics in the body and how they help support good health
  • Which two general kinds of probiotics are most common, and which key strains you should look for when you buy
  • The key probiotic strain to take if you deal with oral thrush due to candida
  • When is it better to take your probiotics, with food–or on an empty stomach?


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  1. Cyndy Whitaker says

    Hi Ricki. Can you list the probiotics you use. I have been following Whole Approach for the last 15 months. I’ve had better clarity about a few of their products and wish to change. I could
    your expertise. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Hi Cyndy, as I mentioned in the video, I do rotate in order to obtain a good variety of different probiotic strains. But some of the brands I like most are Genuine Health, Genestra, Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, New Roots and Garden of Life. Hope that helps!

  2. That was a super helpful video Ricki! I’ve found the whole topic of what to buy frustrating and now I can take your guidance to the store with me!


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