All About Probiotics, Part III: Probiotics from Food

Candida Diet probiotics from food

Today’s video is Part 3 in the 3-part series all about probiotics.  Part One discussed the different sources of probiotics and how to find them, while Part Two covered which types to take and when to take them.

Most of us know that yogurt contains live “good bacteria,” or probiotics. But did you know there are different types of probiotic-rich foods? Some of these occur naturally, while others must be made by humans.  Which ones are better? Which foods are naturally probiotic-rich?

In today’s video, Part 3 of the All About Probiotics series, I talk about the different food sources of probiotics, and what distinguishes them from each other. 

Question: Do you eat probiotic-rich foods daily? Which ones are your favorites? 


  • Ricki bites off more than she can chew.
  • Two categories of probiotics and how they differ from each other.
  • Main foods in each category and how they’re made.
  • Which of the probiotic-rich foods you can easily make at home.


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