Is Organic Worth It?

Benefits of organic food for candida

Do you eat organic food? If so, how often?

And if not, why not?

One of the questions I get asked frequently is, “Is organic food worth the cost?” A quick search online will confirm that this is a common question among health-seekers (Google that exact question today, and you’ll find 3,150,000 results).

In recent years, a few studies have surfaced that suggest organic food offers no more nutrients than conventional foods. Other studies affirm that organic is higher in antioxidants that support good health. As with any health issue, it’s possible to find studies that support both sides of the debate.

That said, I still prefer organic foods whenever possible. I explain why in today’s video. 

Question: Do you think it’s important to consume organic food whenever possible? Why or why not? 


  • What, exactly, does “organic” mean?
  • What you won’t find on organic produce that’s on conventional fruits and vegetables
  • How pesticides affect health
  • The connections between conventionally-grown foods and candida
  • The non-health reason to consume organic
  • What we do in our home


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  1. Over the years I have had several pets who passed from cancer-related issues. When my beloved Tasha became ill, I began working with my holistic vet. One of her stipulations, however, was that we feed raw, organic as much as possible. When people started saying that my pets sounded as though they were probably eating better than we, I started buying organic as much as possible for the whole family.
    Can I keep my four-legged friends totally protected from pesticides/herbicides/toxic chemicals? Not totally, unfortunately, as they snuffle around at ground level. We live in the country and some of our neighbours have not given up their desire for a city lawn and, of course, the farmers use chemicals to maximize their crop yield. Feeding organic, at least, is part of the equation that I can control. We are healthier and our furry friends are, too.

    • Same here, Martie. And I agree–there are many other forms of toxins in our world, many that we can’t control, but I try to do the best with those I *can* control, at least to some extent. It’s an ongoing process, for sure! We changed her diet and added a slew of holistic supplements to Elsie’s diet after she was diagnosed with cancer, too. I feel as if the past almost-2 years with her health stable have been a real gift! 🙂

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