Two Weeks with NO Added Sweeteners (!)

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For many of us on sugar-free diets, the reason we got here in the first place is a love of sweets. I’ve made no secret that I consider myself a sugar addict. If I’m honest, I still have issues around most sweet things, even those sweetened with stevia, xylitol or other low- and no-glycemic sweeteners.

So, for a two-week period, I decided to cut them all out. NO xylitol. NO stevia. NO Lakanto. NO yacon syrup.

Yup, two weeks with no added sweeteners.

The idea was to effect a re-set of my palate and my eating habits, to help ensure I don’t go haywire over the holiday season. After all, it’s now well-known that even the taste of something sweet on the tongue can trigger the desire for more sweets. And as creatures of habit, people who are accustomed to eating sweet things every day will only continue to build that habit unless they stop the cycle.

In today’s video, I talk about why I’m taking two weeks with no added sweeteners, what I’ve been eating each day, and the effects I’ve noticed so far.

Have you ever cut out ALL added sweeteners from your diet? Not only no sweet treats like cookies, cakes, candy, ice cream and so on, but nothing in your coffee or tea, oatmeal; nothing on your pancakes or waffles; and nothing in your soups, sauces or salad dressings?

I’d love to hear about your experiences–please share in the comments! 


  • Why I’m cutting out all sweeteners for two weeks
  • What does it mean to eat entirely “sweetener-free”?
  • What kind of breakfast works best when you’re avoiding all sweeteners?
  • What I’ve been eating on this new detox
  • How your palate will change
  • How your habits can sabotage your success
  • Physical changes that occur as a result of the change in diet


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  1. Carolyn Tabak says

    I also am a sweetener addict. I’m so glad you blogged about your experience, because I need a little motivation to go sweetener-free again. I’ve been following a ketogenic diet for about a year (except when I get a little taste of carbs….any carbs, even carrots, berries, etc, I often end up eating everything again). When I first started eating a ketogenic diet, I lost all my cravings for anything sweet, and actually became a little depressed, because food became a necessary evil…I didn’t care about eating at all. Though that time wasn’t so pleasant, it was really easy. Then I started to make fat bombs without sugar, but with stevia, erythritol, monkfruit and yacon syrup. Now it is hard for me to go even a day (to be honest, even an hour) without any sweeteners. But I certainly don’t need fat bombs anymore, since I’m getting plenty of calories through my high fat, moderate protein, and very low carb diet. So, again, thanks for the motivation to face my sweet demon once again!

    • Glad it helped, Carolyn! Apparently keto doesn’t work for everyone, and often women have problems with it. I tried going higher fat and protein, but it really didn’t agree with me. And, like you, I found that I lost my enjoyment of food. I’m currently experimenting to find the middle ground where I can enjoy sweet treats and other foods and still keep it moderate on the treats. I’ve been there before, so know it can be done! Good luck, and I hope the keto is working out for you!

  2. Julie Shannon says

    Thanks so much Ricki, l am a ‘sweet addict’, who uses some of your amazing recipes, and have not have the courage
    to go without sweetness in my life. [Interesting!! l wonder what l’m looking for…].
    You have so inspired me here, l am going to give it a go, it IS only for 2 weeks.
    Thank you, for all that you give.

    Warm regards

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