Why Can Some People Cheat on Their Anti-Candida Diet, While Others Can’t?

cheating on a candida diet

It happens every holiday season: I hear from dozens of my coaching clients, people in the Candida Kick-Start program or Sweet Life Club, worried about whether or not they’ll fall off the wagon during the holidays this year.

I can totally understand how they’re feeling, too: for most of my life, I dieted like a madwoman most of the year so I could go wild over the holidays and pig out on shortbread, cookies, trifle, chocolate and every other treat available (not to mention the savory dishes and all the alcoholic beverages around during this time, too).

Invariably, I’d gain back most of the weight I lost, and ring in the new year feeling fat, ashamed, and repentant, vowing to “do better this year. ”

Even after maintaining an anti-candida diet for 10 years, feeling great and reversing all of my symptoms during that time, I still decided one Christmas that I could have just “one bite” of a holiday treat.

Before I knew it, I was not only bingeing on sugar again, but my candida had become so bad that it took another two years just to get the symptoms under control.

That time, I finally got the message: I’m not someone who can ever cheat on the anti-candida diet.

But I know that not everyone is like me. Not everyone will suffer the same consequences, even if they do decide to nibble a little too much on the holiday pies or truffles, or sip a bit of red wine.

So what makes the difference between people like me, who should never eat sugar again in our lifetime, and others who can veer away from the diet for a few days without major consequences–and also find their way back to following it?

I explain more about this issue–and how to decide what you should do over the holidays–in today’s video. 

Question: Have you cheated on the anti-candida diet? What do you think was the reason? 


  • The two important factors you need to consider around why some people can cheat and others can’t
  • Two main reasons why people end up with candida overgrowth
  • The “chocolate truffle test” and how it reflects on which group of people you’re in
  • How the process of healing works
  • Two important questions to consider before you decide whether or not to cheat this year


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