Anti Candida Diet Myths #1: Weight Loss

Candida Diet Weight Loss Myth video

For many of us (like me) on an anti-candida diet, losing weight can be a welcome change. After all, if you developed candida after years of over-indulging in certain foods or after eating too much sugar over time, it’s quite possible that excess weight came along with the excess candida.

And when you first begin the diet, you may find that the pounds begin to fall away, sometimes unintentionally, and it can be a bit alarming for those who may not need to lose weight in the first place.

In today’s video, I talk about the myth of candida weight loss. Why do I call it a myth? Because weight loss on this program isn’t inevitable.

If you’re concerned because you fear that you’re losing too much weight, it may be due to one of the three main reasons I mention in this video. The good news is, they’re all easily corrected.

Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t lose weight on an ACD. It’s just that you shouldn’t be losing more than you’d like, or more than is healthy for your body.

Question: Did you lose a lot of weight, or more than you wanted to, on an anti-candida diet? If so, how did you handle it? Did you find ways to either slow down or reverse the trend? Please share in the comments! 


  • The relationship between the anti-candida diet and losing weight
  • My story of weight loss on the ACD
  • How one main shift in your eating might be the cause weight loss
  • How your food choices could be causing weight loss
  • The connection between inflammation and weight loss
  • Nutrition and the anti-candida diet
  • What to do if you think you’re losing too much weight on the diet


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