Candida Diet Myths #2: How Long Will It Take?

How long will an anti-candida diet last

One of the first things I’m asked when someone signs up for a program or coaching is, “How long will I have to stay on the diet?”

What they’re really asking (I know this because it’s exactly what I asked, too) is, “How long will I have to stay on the diet before I’m completely better, and I can go back to eating my normal food?”

It’s totally understandable. We’re all a bit in shock when we first change our diets, and we want to know how long the discomfort will last.  Different experts have different ideas, and I’ll share what those are today, as well as what I think.

But what are the criteria you use? And when do you know whether you’re “done with” the diet or not?

In today’s video, I talk about how long it takes to get better, and the different factors you need to consider when you think about how long you’ll follow the anti-candida diet. 

Question: If you’ve been on an anti-candida diet before, how long were you on it before you were completely healed? 


  • The different approaches from different experts out there (and what I think about them)
  • Why living in the 21st century creates expectations for what will happen
  • The different factors to consider when calculating how long you’ll need to be on the program.
  • My history with candida and how it affected the time I followed the program.
  • Why you shouldn’t let your external symptoms determine whether you will keep going with the diet or not.
  • The factors you really should focus on to determine if you’re having success with the diet or not.


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