How I Squashed My Cravings and Learned to Eat Healthier

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One scenario I hear from readers and clients all the time is what I call the story of the “recidivist eater.” If it sounds really familiar, it’s because so many of us (myself included) have been through this series of events:

First, you’re either diagnosed with a condition that requires a change to your diet, or else you become determined that you’re going to eat better and cut out all the “usual suspects” from your meals–sugar, gluten, refined flours, or whatever is most important for you.

You eat this way with great gusto and motivation, sticking to the diet 100%, as you begin to feel better and notice that long-standing symptoms either improve or clear up entirely. You’re ecstatic, and life is great!

Then, something happens. You’re out with friends, and everyone is eating a “forbidden” food. OR, you have a long, hard day at the office, you’re stressed to the max, and when you get home, it’s virtually impossible to resist the siren call of those chocolate chip cookies in the cupboard. Maybe you just get really bored eating so much “healthy” food for so long, and you miss pizza too much, and you have a big slice. . . and then two, and then three.

As I mentioned, I’ve been there. 

So how did I break the cycle for myself? How have I managed to eat NO sugar, NO gluten, NO eggs, NO dairy, NO coffee, NO alcohol, NO mushrooms (plus a few other “NO’s”) for the past 10 years, yet don’t feel deprived, and don’t feel the need to break the diet? 

In this week’s video, I talk about my approach to these kinds of cravings that can derail your healthy diet. 

Question: What’s your go-to strategy when you feel the urge to eat something that you know isn’t going to support your best health? 


  • The common pattern that occurs after we first change our diet
  • The three major reasons we slip up on our healthy diets, and the easiest one to attack right now
  • What happened to my own anti-candida diet after 10 years of compliance
  • Changes to friendships and relationships when you change your diet
  • Which factor caused me to conk out at my desk at work
  • How I managed to eliminate 99% of my cravings


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  1. ClaraAnn, you could always try a different flour that works for you. . . unfortunately, I haven’t tried it with anything else, but usually with a crisp topping, almost anything goes!

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