The Most Important Thing You Need for Success on the Anti Candida Diet

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I’ve heard it over and over from so many of my clients. They start out really well on an anti-candida diet and really stick with it. Over time, they begin to feel better (yay!). They’re determined to be clear of candida forever.

Over time, their symptoms improve, or maybe disappear entirely. And they really do feel free of candida.

And so, they go back to living their lives. They work, they spend time with family and friends, they go out to eat, they have celebrations. . . all the usual things.

But I’ve noticed a pattern.  Eventually, little by little, the old foods make their way back into the diet. At first, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. After all, they feel good.

But little by little, symptoms return. Maybe it’s the same symptoms they had before; maybe they’re different. And this time, they’re a little bit worse. And they take a longer–and a little more effort–to clear them.

I’ve worked with clients who’ve gone through this cycle multiple times. And each time, their overall health is compromised a bit more.

In today’s video, I talk about what it takes to break the cycle, and to begin to eat and live as someone who embraces the anti-candida diet (or whatever your own “restricted” diet happens to be).

Question: Have you been on an anti-candida diet, and slipped up? How did you get back on track? 


  • The cycle that happens too often on the ACD–and can be dangerously unhealthy
  • How we tend to think about healing on an anti-candida diet
  • Why it gets harder and harder to clear your candida each time
  • Why we can keep at the diet for the short term but tend to mess up over the long term
  • The shift that needs to take place to set the stage for success
  • How cognitive dissonance plays a role
  • The major switch I made last time I was diagnosed–and why that one stuck
  • What a typical day’s food used to be like for me “in the old days”


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