Discouraged By Holiday Food Restrictions?

vegan, candida diet at the holidays

It’s a story I hear from my clients far too often: “Everything was going just great! I was eating foods that are 100% compliant with my restricted diet. I was planning my food, taking lunch to the office, cooking extra on weekends so that I wouldn’t have to worry about what to eat for breakfast. . . and I was feeling great. My husband was thrilled with how much better I looked and felt. And my kids were thrilled because I actually had the energy to spend time with them, and I wasn’t in a foul mood all the time. I was feeling better than I have in years, and I was really happy with the food I was eating. And then. . . “

It’s what follows “and then” that becomes the problem. For some of them, it’s a birthday celebration. For others, a trip abroad. And for many people right now, it’s the holiday season.

“Why is it I can be so perfect on my diet for weeks–even months–and as soon as the holidays hit, I begin to crack? I feel like I have no more willpower, and I just can’t resist all the amazing foods. What the heck is going on?”

In today’s video, I talk about the different factors that can contribute to our feeling helpless around foods, especially all the foods of the holidays. But you don’t have to succumb to the call of the pumpkin pie, chocolate truffles, eggnog or any other holiday foods.

Watch today’s video to find out what I think is at play here, and some of the ways to handle it. 

Tell me in the comments: Have you had slip-ups at certain periods during the year? What are your tips and strategies to deal with the allure of holiday foods? Share so that others can benefit from your wisdom!


  • How our instinctive wiring and genes play a role in what we crave
  • How holiday eating differs from day-to-day eating
  • The community effect that influences us
  • The tribal effect that influences us
  • What you can do instead to alleviate the negative influences


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