Can Sweet Treats Be Part of a Healthy Holiday?

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Do you enjoy all the sweet treats over the holidays? 

Most often, the story I hear goes like this: you’ve been following a restricted diet, either for candida or another chronic condition like Lyme disease, arthritis, eczema, or something else. You’ve established a pretty good pattern of eating healthy foods, and you’ve stuck with it pretty well over time. You feel comfortable with the diet and you know what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

Then the holidays suddenly arrive. You’re faced with a panoply of holiday treats and once-a-year foods, like pumpkin pie; pecan pie; chocolate truffles; gooey cinnamon rolls; eggnog; peppermint-everything; warm, creamy dips and spreads; stuffing–and on and on.

It feels somehow wrong to simply refuse these special treats. After all, they’re only here at this time of year. There’s the rest of the year still left to “eat on the plan.”

Plus, everyone else is eating all this stuff! Do you really want to be left out of the party?

So what do you do? Do you allow those treats back in for a limited time, or do you forgo them altogether and push through the holidays without them?

Well, I think there might be another way entirely.

Watch today’s video to see what I think is the best solution, depending on your own individual situation. 

Question: How do you approach eating sweets during the holidays? Do you give yourself time “off” from your regular eating, or do you have other strategies to deal with it? Share in the comments, below!


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