Sugar-Free Sugar Cookies

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[photo: Celine Saki]

I’d been wanting to develop a Christmas sugar cookie for years.  My first attempt was a wonderful variation with spelt flour and agave nectar, but when I reaffirmed my commitment to the anti-candida diet and cut gluten out, I had to find an alternative.

I worked on dozens of iterations of this cookie for my first book, Naturally Sweet and Gluten-Free, and am happy to report that this cookie is perfect in both texture and appearance! It also can be rolled and re-rolled almost indefinitely.

This is a great way to introduce healthful, sugar-free treats to your family in a way that won’t raise any “oh-if-it’s-healthy-I-don’t-want-it” alarm bells!

Here’s to your very happy holidays!

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  1. Hi Rikki!
    I have not visited in a while! life took me tons of places and gone through tons of changes!
    My naturopath put me on a grain-free low carb diet for constant fatigue and inflamation.
    I cannot have any grain, including rice. Does your gluten free mix have rice flour or corn flour in it?
    I would love to try the cookies!

    • Hi Frederique,
      So nice to see your name here! I hope the changes have been good ones. 🙂
      Yes, my GF mix does include grains. There are lots of grain-free recipes around, too, though, on many Paleo and Keto sites. I’d say it would be worth looking for some of those as well.
      Hope you have a wonderful holiday

  2. Roberta Wiebe says

    HI Ricki, I was wondering if you ever post the nutrition facts for your recipes, I imagine these cookies would be high in carbs?

  3. Hi ricki!! I just luv all of your recipes at first I was wanting more vanilla then chocolate in your Recipes but now I have found roasted carob to take the place of the chocolate because I can’t have chocolate with the caffeine in it and now I can enjoy all of your recipes that call for stevia , monk fruit etc because I can’t have sugar either !! Thank u much for your help!!

  4. These are the best Ive ever made! Didn’t have xanthum gum or agave, so used maple syrup and arrowroot. Thanks!

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