The Number One Question About the Candida Diet

Number One Candida Diet Question Answered on

Almost every time I begin work with someone, whether as an individual client or part of one of my programs, one of the first questions I get asked is, “When can I go back to eating my normal diet?”

This makes total sense, of course: when you’re diagnosed with candida or told that you have to cut multiple foods from your diet, you’ll naturally feel upset and worried about all the delicious ingredients and dishes you may miss. Food is a major source of enjoyment, comfort, nourishment and more in our society, and we are definitely attached to our favorites (I certainly know that I am!).

In today’s video, I discuss why this question may not be the most helpful when it comes to success on your anti-candida diet, and other questions you can ask instead that will more effectively help you to live well and, ultimately, reach your health goals when following an anti-candida program.

Think about it: you started this diet to improve your health. Why not do everything you can to ensure you stick with it so you can succeed–and thrive?  

Question: What was the first thing you thought of when you heard you’d have to follow an anti-candida diet and change the way you eat?


  • RECLAIM is back! Learn to love the foods that help you heal, and stick with itApply here.
  • The most common question I get asked from people when they’re diagnosed with candida
  • Why this question prevents you from being successful on the diet
  • How to learn to be happy and accepting of your new diet
  • Two types of students I used to teach–and what that means for you
  • Why your view of the future may be sabotaging your success on the diet
  • Negative implications associated with this question
  • A much better question to ask that will support your health and success
  • All about the RECLAIM program (open for applications!)


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