3 Essential Keys to Change Your Diet Permanently

3 keys to eat better for life


What does it really take to change your diet permanently? 

If you’ve done it, you know it’s not an easy–or a straight–path. But adopting new habits, learning to eat (and love!) new foods, and making the small shifts that are necessary for real, lasting change can be an absolute life saver.

When you restrict your diet for health reasons, whether candida, Lyme, Hashimotos or any other condition, you know that those changes should be non-negotiable.

Falling off the wagon when you’re eating to sustain and improve your health is (in my opinion) more of a danger to you than eating Oreos when you’re healthy but just want to lose a few pounds.

But how do you make it stick?

When I think back to the way I ate 20 years ago before adopting an anti-candida lifestyle, honestly, sometimes I cringe.

But with hard work and key strategies to make those changes in the way I think, the way I eat and the way I behave, well, I’m here 20 years later to tell you that I LOVE my food, I’m happy with the way I eat and I never (seriously, never) feel tempted by any of the old foods.

What does it take to make this switch, and make it permanently? That’s what I’m sharing in today’s video.

Question: Have you made permanent changes to your diet? What are they, and how did you make them stick? 


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  • What I ate “pre-candida diet” and what I eat now
  • How I fell off the wagon after 10 years
  • The turning point for me
  • The “BFF” approach and what it includes
  • How mindset plays a role in your ability to eat well
  • Why you need to find others with the same problems
  • What you think about soul-mates and how that affects your diet
  • My dating history and how that relates to eating a healthy diet


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  1. Frédérique says

    Thanks so much Ricki!! ♥️ I recently became grain free and trying very hard to go sugar free as well and I’ve been mourning things like pizza, oatmeal and sandwiches. I’ve successfully made carrot cake and cookies using solely almond flour (mind you it takes a lot of eggs!) but bread and pasta seem far-fetched for the moment or contain a massive amount of dairy (fat-head keto dough!) I need to browse your recipes! Just to say that I loved your analogy of food being like a soul mate, and that there could Definately be more than one! It gives me hope!

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