Lessons from Living with Candida for 20 Years

vegan candida diet for 20 years

What’s it like to be dealing with candida for 20 years? How does that even happen? 

I can barely believe it myself, but this month marks 20 years since my first candida diagnosis.

In today’s video, I talk about what’s been happening in my candida journey over the past two decades since I was first diagnosed. I’ll review what I did to address the candida in the beginning, what has changed, and my conclusions about the best way to approach a candida overgrowth for ultimate success and healing.

Question: Have you been dealing with chronic candida? How have you seen progress in your healing? 


  • Why Ricki is the “poster child” for risk factors for candida overgrowth
  • What happened after a strict candida protocol
  • What happened after my relapse 10 years later
  • What if you have chronic symptoms? What does it mean for your diet and your life?
  • 3 areas I covered: diet, detox and discord
  • How my diet has changed and what it is now
  • Why you need to detox daily
  • Why working on inner discord is imperative to healing
  • Top seven takeaways after following the ACD for 20 years (starts at 26:45)


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