Why It Can Be Hard to Get a Clear Candida Diagnosis, Part 1

Candida diagnosis difficulty

Do you feel certain that you have candida overgrowth, yet it seems that there’s no doctor who states this as your diagnosis?

After spending many frustrating months hearing “it’s not candida” or “there’s no such thing as candida overgrowth,” I finally found a holistically-minded practitioner who confirmed what I had been thinking. Up until that point, every time I mentioned “candida” I was told that I was mistaken, or that my symptoms were caused by something else, or that I was over reacting to purely “superficial” symptoms.

Why is it so difficult to obtain a clear diagnosis of candida?

In today’s video, I talk about my own experience and what I learned over the years to explain why those of us with candida overgrowth may have our concerns dismissed or simply ignored by some practitioners.

It’s not that your doctor doesn’t care about your health, and it’s not that they don’t want to help you.

Question: Have you been frustrated by your attempts to secure a diagnosis, even when you feel certain that you’re dealing with candida? What kinds of experiences have you had with your own journey to find a diagnosis? Please share in the comments!


  • What has changed in recent years when it comes to doctors and candida
  • What I learned from teaching a “Canadida Foods” cooking class
  • My most harrowing experience with a dermatologist
  • Why oral antifungals can be dangerous for some people
  • The allopathic definition of “candida overgrowth”
  • The holistic definition of “candida overgrowth”
  • The best doctors to seek out for a diagnosis
  • How to best approach practitioners to obtain your diagnosis


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