Cars and Candida: How to Avoid Temptations on Your Candida Diet

Ricki talks about how cars can help you with your candida diet

When temptations are all around you, how do you stick with your candida diet? When it’s summertime, as it is now in the Toronto area, there’s a wealth of fresh produce all over, enticing you with its beautiful colors and textures. For many people, summertime means watermelon, fresh cherries, and a bunch of other fruits you can’t have if you’re following the early stages of a candida diet.

Plus, this is the time of year that people throw outdoor bashes with grilled foods, dips, snack foods, ice cream and an array of alcoholic drinks that you won’t see other times of the year.

Overall, it can be challenging for anyone who has sworn off sugar, dairy, processed foods, alcohol or anything too sweet (among other foods!).

So, how can you navigate the summer food-fests and still stay true to your candida diet?

In today’s video, I talk about my recent car purchase, and how the process brought to light a technique that has helped me avoid cheating on the diet for decades now. 

Question: How do you ensure that you won’t be tempted to “cheat” on your candida diet? Do you have any tricks or strategies to share? Please post them in the comments below! 


  • Why summer is so challenging for someone on an anti-candida diet
  • How a car purchase changes the way you look at things, and how to apply that to your candida diet
  • How to make your food decisions focused and easy
  • What can change once you adopt this approach
  • The first and most important step to success on a candida diet


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