Do You Worry About What To Eat on Your Candida Diet?

Worrying about what to eat on a candida diet

Whenever you’re faced with opportunities for lots of food–such as summer BBQs, travel, or the holiday seasons–do you find yourself worrying in advance about what you are going to eat?

For so many of my clients, the stress around the specifics of their foods, especially when they’re in social situations and surrounded by others, can create so much anxiety and worry that they aren’t able to truly enjoy the events themselves.

I remember all too well how much I used to fret with thoughts like, “Will I find something I can eat there?” “Will they be able to accommodate all of my dietary restrictions?” “What if someone pushes food on me and I can’t say no because it would be too rude?” –and so many more.

Once I finally got that worry, and what I could do to eliminate it entirely, under control, that’s when everything changed for me and I could truly enjoy myself again, and take part fully in all the wonderful events and occasions that I had been missing. And all of that, of course, without ever breaking my candida diet.

I started coaching around how to make these changes and fit them seamlessly into your life so you wouldn’t have to take the same time and make the same mistakes before learning to give up the stress without a struggle, and without having to experience repeated symptom flares that could hijack your family time and social life.

Today’s video provides a little tweak you can make at these times that can start the process, and make socializing easier.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and if this has been helpful to you! 

Question: Do you worry about the food choices you’ll have when you’re committed to sticking with your diet? What have been some of the major challenges in this area for you? 


  • The most common worry around food for people on a restricted diet
  • How to remove your biggest concern
  • The true concern when you’re focused on the food
  • How to redirect your focus for best chance of success
  • How to really enjoy yourself at these events and social situations



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