When People Try to Sabotage Your Candida Diet, Part 1: Why This Happens

Ricki upset that people try to sabotage her diet

It’s happened to all of us on a restricted (or any!) diet.

You start to eat a new, healthier way. Maybe you’re following an anti-candida diet, like I am. Maybe you’re just trying to cut out sugars. Or maybe you need to radically change the way you eat because of other health issues.

You tell your friends and family, and ask for their support. They’re totally on board with you getting healthier, of course!

But then some event comes up. You’re at your mother-in-law’s for the holidays. You’re out to dinner with friends. You get invited over to a neighbor’s house for tea.

And they push food at you–food that you know you shouldn’t eat, and food that will likely contribute more to your original illness.

“I made it just for you.”

“You’re not fun any more.”

“C’mon, one bite won’t kill you.”

Why do people feel the need to push food on you when you’re avoiding it? Are they just evil? 

In today’s video, I talk about why someone might try to sabotage your candida diet, and what you can do about it.

Question: How has this played out in your own life? Have you ever had someone try to push food on you that you didn’t want to eat? What was the situation? 


  • Problems you encounter because other people try to shove “non-ACD” food in your face
  • What happened when Ricki was first on the anti-candida diet and went to the holidays with her family
  • A turning point in my assumptions about where I go to eat with other people
  • Why people feel they can push food at us that we don’t want
  • What are those people thinking?
  • What happens to others when you go on your candida diet
  • Ultimately, what you must do to ensure you don’t eat those foods
  • How to know who in your life will or won’t try to sabotage your diet (and  story about Ricki’s very first boyfriend!)


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