When People Try to Sabotage Your Candida Diet, Part 2: What You Can Do

Ricki saying she doesn't want any of your stinkin food!

It’s no fun when you start a new dietary regimen and you feel as if the people around you don’t “get it,” or worse, they deliberately try to sabotage your eating by pushing foods you shouldn’t eat right at you.

Last time, I talked about why other people might feel compelled to offer you cakes, cookies, alcohol or any number of other things that aren’t on your candida diet plan–even if they know you shouldn’t eat them.

In today’s video, I’m talking about the other side of this issue: what is it about this kind of offer that makes us feel we can’t say no? Why do you feel you must comply and accept those foods that you know are going to harm your health?

While it may seem like the decision is obvious and the challenge is clear–we should refuse to accept these kinds of offers, since we already know that we don’t want the unhealthy foods–but you might be surprised to learn that it’s a normal, human impulse that directs our actions. And it’s not as easy to say “no” as you might imagine.

In the video, I cover all the reasons why it’s so hard to refuse this kind of food, and what you can do to stay true to your own candida diet.

Question: Have you been able to say “no” when people try to push food on you? What did you do to ensure you didn’t eat something that would ruin your candida diet? 


  • The kinds of pressures that people put on us to eat these “forbidden” foods
  • Why do we allow ourselves to be sabotaged by others?
  • How our brains are hardwired
  • How basic human needs fit into the equation
  • When being a “nice person” can work against you
  • An alternative way to look at the situation
  • Other options besides just eating the food they offer you



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