If You Think You’re Too Old to Succeed on a Candida Diet

asking if you are too old to change and stick with it

I hear it all the time.

“It’s too late for me, I’ll never be able to change.”

“I’m too old.”

“I’m too set in my ways to completely change the way I eat.”

When people are faced with the changes required to stick with a candida diet, sometimes it feels as if you’re facing an impossible task.

Today’s video discusses whether or not that’s always true, and shares an inspiring story about one of my clients, Carol.

Tell me in the comments: Does sticking with a candida diet feel impossible, or at least incredibly improbable, to you?


  • What we forget about ourselves as humans that makes us particularly suited for changes
  • What about our brains makes us particularly opposed to change
  • How I managed to implement a 100% compliant candida diet even when I didn’t really want to
  • What changed that allowed me to live happily with the diet
  • What kinds of changes candida brought into my life
  • When you really are too old to change.
  • Carol’s story


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