What We Learned About Food and Why We Must Unlearn It

upset over the things we learn about food

We’ve all had these kinds of slip-ups: maybe an argument, or a problem at work, or even something fabulous, like your kid just got engaged. And then. . .

We eat. 

Whether we’re angry, or stressed, or bored, or even happy, so many of us eat when we have strong emotions that are tough to deal with. And that’s exactly what we mean when we talk about “emotional eating.”

I grew up in a family that was full of strong emotions, but most of which were never shared in a healthy way. As a result, my mother provided a perfect role model for what not to do: eat when you were upset, bored, depressed, or even happy.

In today’s video, I talk about the ways that emotional eating can play a prominent role in our lives, why this is a problem, and why it’s particularly dangerous for anyone following an anti-candida diet.

Question: How do you deal with emotional eating? Have you found a way to nip it in the bud and avoid eating your emotions? (please share in the comments!)


  • How emotional eating fits into many of our lives
  • How emotional eating played a major role in my life growing up
  • Ricki’s version of “twice-baked potatoes,” (mentioned in the video), here.
  • The many drawbacks associated with emotional eating
  • How emotional eating creates a double negative
  • How emotional eating can interfere with your social life
  • Why it’s particularly difficult when someone with candida is an emotional eater
  • An important question to ask yourself to begin to overcome emotional eating
  • The next step after you identify patterns of emotional eating



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