When You Do Everything Right and It’s Still Not Working

Perfect candida diet and still not better

You started an anti-candida diet prepared to stick to it 100%. You did all the prep, bought all the special ingredients, cleared out your pantry and scoured the internet for “candida friendly” recipes.

You started off full of energy and motivations that this time would be the one. And you plowed through the failed recipes, the hunger, the cravings, the detox symptoms and more.

At this point, perhaps you’ve been compliant on the diet for a few weeks. Maybe even a month. . . or three.

And yet, nothing seems to be happening. You don’t feel much (if any) better; your symptoms are still with you, and you’re starting to feel incredibly discouraged.

You’re doing everything right. You’re not cheating.

And yet. . .

Does it mean the anti-candida approach isn’t working?

In today’s video, I share what happened in my case and what I’ve seen with clients when it comes to following the program and still not seeing results–and why I don’t want you to give up now!

Tell me in the comments: Have you experienced a time when you felt as if you weren’t seeing the results of your efforts? How did you handle it?


  • How your expectations may be unrealistic when it comes to how long the healing process takes
  • My own “it’s not working” moment, and what happened
  • The condition in which the candida simply cannot thrive
  • The changes that happened for me, and when things began to change
  • The top two mistakes that people make when they follow an anti-candida diet
  • What I believe about what it takes to heal


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  1. I think I quit too soon. I am barely feeling better and I get lazy to read an ingredient list or just give in to whatever is prepared even though I know there is a risk. Now I am feeling and seeing all the symptoms and the cravings are super hard again. I literally have to fast to get past the cravings part. It just feels like a yoyo.

    • So sorry to hear that. You’re describing how I was when I had my relapse period. All I can tell you is that once you are able to stick with it long enough to let your body do what it needs to do, it all becomes SO much easier and you really will be able to resist all those temptations. I was a horrible junk food junkie and I’ve been eating this way without straying off the diet for over 10 years. With the skills I now have that I didn’t before, I know that I’ll never eat sugar or junk again. It can happen.

  2. My symptoms get better and worse each month is that normal? Like it feels like they are almost going away, I don’t change anything and then everything comes back with vengeance worse. I don’t ever quit the diet or change things. Is this normal?

    • Sorry you’re having these challenges, Abigail! This is the kind of thing I work on with my clients so they can work through the process as smoothly as possible. You can find out more about individual coaching and fill out an application here. I’d love to hear from you.

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