How to Handle Nosy Questions About Your Food at the Holidays


Someone asking a nosy question about your food

For most people, the holiday season is full of positive experiences. It means anticipation, excitement and looking forward to the parties, meeting with relatives, animated discussions and lots (lots!) of yummy foods.

When you’re dealing with dietary restrictions, however, it may be a slightly different scenario.

Instead of delighting at seeing your extended family members, you dread having to answer questions.

Instead of pouncing on the buffet so you can pile all the holiday foods on your plate, you shun the table, trying to sneak a few “safe” foods when no one notices.

Instead of proffering a glass with wine, champagne or eggnog, you hope that no one notices your wimpy glass of soda water.

And most of all, instead of showing up to proudly participate in all the holiday discussions, you slink out of the limelight, praying that no one will ask you “THE QUESTION”:

“Why aren’t you eating? What’s wrong with you?”

In today’s video, I talk about why that question may feel so negative, as well as why people feel they have a right to impinge on what should be your own, private, business.

Oh, and what to do about it, of course.


Question: How do you respond when someone feels they have a right to scrutinize what you’re eating? 


  • Why we feel “food shame” at the holidays
  • The one factor that will allow you to neutralize the effects of those questions on you
  • How your response can affect the outcome of the questions
  • Two types of motivation people have when they question what you eat
  • The meaning behind the food that they want you to eat
  • Ways to satisfy what’s behind the questions so you don’t have to eat the food
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