What You Must Know To Eliminate Cravings

Ricki talking about how hard it is to deal with cravings on a candida diet

With the holidays upon us, it’s pretty hard to avoid thinking about all the special, once-a-year, foods that abound right now.

And for so many of us, thinking about the foods means that cravings hit.

When I hear from readers and clients around the holidays, what I sense more than almost anything else is fear.

Fear that they won’t be able to resist all the foods.

Fear that cravings will be overwhelming.

Fear that eating everything they are trying to avoid will cause a flare of their symptoms, and they’ll be worse after the holidays than they were before. . . and all their previous hard work will be undone.

To be sure you aren’t drawn in by cravings, there are two important distinctions to know about them. That’s what I talk about in today’s video.

Question (please share your answers in the comments):

Do you feel as if you have different kinds of cravings? If so, what are they, and how do you deal with each differently from the other(s)?


  • How hormones fit into your behavior when it comes to cravings
  • How this type of craving manifests during a typical day
  • The more important–and often overlooked–type of craving
  • Why some cravings are harder to overcome than others
  • How cannabis use can illustrate the way some cravings operate
  • Why it’s beneficial to have support while you learn to deal with cravings
  • How long sugar cravings continued after I started the anti-candida diet
  • Best practices for eating while you learn to overcome cravings
  • What you must get under control in order to truly be free of cravings for good


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