You Are Not Your Symptoms

Ricki telling you there is more than symptoms!

When you’re not feeling well and dealing with symptoms due to your condition, it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

For instance, when I was first diagnosed with candida, I dealt with a rash that covered my torso; recurrent sinus infections (4 infections and 6 courses of antibiotics in 3 months); foggy thinking; overwhelming fatigue; constipation, bloating and cramps; stomach pain; occasional heart palpitations; depression; anxiety; and overwhelming sugar cravings. . . just to mention the most obvious symptoms.

So often when I begin to work with clients, they bring their own laundry list of symptoms that are, at the least, annoying; and at worst, debilitating.

So it’s no wonder that we can become obsessed with getting rid of those symptoms.

For me, this meant hours and hours scouring the internet for possible treatments, new doctors, or some random piece of information that related to my own situation and would provide the magic bullet to clear my candida.

And while it’s totally understandable and justifiable to want to be rid of your symptoms, spending all your conscious energy and free time focusing on them may not be the healthiest approach.

In this week’s video, I talk about how you are not your symptoms–and what that means to you and your healing journey.

Tell me in the comments: Do you feel as if all you think about is your symptoms? How has that affected your day-to-day life?


  • The number one topic clients and potential clients want to talk about on our calls
  • What it was like for me at the beginning
  • Why symptoms are such a common focus
  • The problem when you spend too much time focusing on symptoms
  • The impact of your thoughts on your brain
  • The impact of your thoughts on your physical illness or health
  • How to get yourself free from the swamp of symptoms


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