Everything Bagel Cheese Ball (Dairy-free, Grain-free, Sugar-free)

Creamy dairy-free cheeseball cut to reveal the interior

Back in the Decade of the Dinner Party, throwing a bash for New Year’s Eve was just a normal occurrence.

These days, now that The HH and I are both “of a certain age” (and given the fact that our newest family member, the Zoey pup, is basically equivalent to a 14 year-old teenager, in dog terms), we decided that this year, we’d be happy toning down the social calendar and enjoy the company of friends scattered throughout the holidays, in smaller groups.

I made this Everything Bagel Cheese Ball the other night when we had dinner with my friend The Architect and his wife. It was a great opportunity to catch up, enjoy some stellar food and introduce them to the Zo-Monster (she did surprisingly well).

The Architect has become a dear friend, one who’s remained in my life ever since we first met under less than auspicious circumstances (decades ago, in a support group for recently-divorced folks). Although there were never any romantic sparks between us, I was savvy enough to recognize his higher-than-average score on the Hunk-O-Meter (and, if I hadn’t already been wise to his stellar good looks, every one of my female friends who met him was sure to let me know soon enough).

Luckily, The Architect is also a stellar human being on the inside. One of the kindest and most open-hearted people I’ve known, he is also a keen environmentalist, a sportsman, an accomplished musician and a budding cook (okay, so they guy was literally the definition of “most eligible bachelor”–at least for a while).

Cracker spread with some everything bagel cheese ball

Creamy and flavorful, this Cheese Ball is the perfect blend of dairy-free cream cheese and the medley of seeds and spices in the Everything Bagel seasoning. Plus, the “secret ingredient” renders it higher protein, always welcome for anyone who eats primarily plant-based.

You can spread it on bagels, of course, or your favorite gluten-free cracker, or even a grain-free veggie-based version, like my Pulp Crackers (which is actually my personal favorite combo).

It’s perfect for a holiday buffet or a party appetizer (it would be great for New Year’s Eve, for instance).

Even though neither The Architect nor his wife follows a plant-based diet, they ooh-ed and aaah-ed over this cheese ball nonetheless (all the while competing with the HH, who consumed about half of it on his own).

Oh, and if you happen to have a teenaged pup in the house? You might want to set aside a spoonful or two of the plain cheese (before you add the seasoning, which contains onions) for her. Guaranteed to charm the pup–and the guests.

Platter with dairyfree everything bagel cheese ball

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