What’s your relationship with your symptoms?

Ricki talking about your relationship with your symptoms

You might not think of the way you deal with symptoms as a “relationship,” but there are many similarities. Do you treat your health with respect? Do you dump healthy eating when something “better” comes along?

In today’s video, I talk about how we sometimes consider our symptoms when we try to decide whether to continue with healthy eating or not. . . and how that can affect your body and well-being down the road.

If you’re not as consistent as you’d like to be when it comes to sticking with your healthy diet, you’ll find today’s video helpful. 

Question: Are you having an informal relationship with your symptoms? How does this affect your overall health? 


  • A question to ask: do you hate your symptoms? If so, how does it affect the way you deal with them?
  • Ricki’s story about her ex-boyfriend and how that relates to the way we assess symptoms
  • Circumstances when you might dump your healthy eating
  • Why our assessment of the situation might not always be accurate when it comes to “cheating”
  • How to determine whether you should eat that non-candida food or not
  • How our puppy, Zoey, helped me to clarify what to do about my health
  • Another way to look at symptoms that appear suddenly or “out of the blue”
  • Why healing takes time
  • Set some goals around healthy eating for 2020 with the Create Your 2020 Vision workshop


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