The first step to tackle anxiety

Video of Ricki talking about anxiety

Right now, you might be experiencing anxiety and stress. . . beyond the usual. 

At the time of this post, the world is in the very center of the COVID-19 pandemic. My hubby, the Girls and I are at home about 99.9% of the time (we leave the house only to walk the dogs).

Since November, 2019, when the first case of the novel coronavirus was reported out of China, things changed quickly.

As of today, we’ve all moved from a world in which the vast population on the planet was free to move around within our communities, find or purchase food, interact with other people, plan events like parties, weddings, conferences or even sports events.

It’s natural to feel anxiety when you’re sequestered at home and your normal routine and circle of friends and family has changed; it would be strange if you didn’t experience it right now. However, it’s how you react to it and what you do with it that can make the difference between getting through this next period in history successfully, mind and health intact, or suffering through to the other side.

In today’s video, I talk about the first step to addressing the anxiety in a way that allows you to deal with it effectively. 

Video Highlights:

  • Why your reaction to anxiety might actually exacerbate the problem
  • Keeping in mind the unique situation we find ourselves in today
  • A balanced way to respond to the current anxiety
  • Something important to remember about how humans react to adversity
  • The first step to move beyond the anxiety
  • The typical pattern that occurs with anxiety
  • What happens during a panic attack
  • A useful way to mentally approach the anxiety
  • Update on my symptoms (turned out NOT to be COVID-19).


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