Easing into the “New Normal,” part 1

Ricki talks about easing into the new normal part 1

 There’s no doubt about it, we’re living in a new reality.

It might be one we didn’t ask for, and might be one that is throwing myriad new challenges our way–but whether we like it or not, it’s here.

How are you adjusting? Are you finding ways to carve out new routines for yourself, or ways to retain a sense of normalcy?

Part of humans’ unique place on the planet is our ability to adapt and change when needed. Throughout history, people have been able to inhabit new places, invent new tools, or compensate for physical weakness through our incredible adaptability.

In today’s video, I talk about the very first step that’s necessary to learn to live well in this “new normal.”

Because like it or not, it’s here, and those who adapt are the ones who’ll continue to thrive–and even grow.

[Apologies for the sound glitches!]


  • Before we can get to starting something new, it’s important to ground ourselves in the present reality
  • What we are all sharing in this unprecedented time
  • Facts we need to note about the current situation
  • What the human brain is designed to do in situations like this
  • How the disruption of daily life affects the brain (and your emotions)
  • Why what most people are doing may not be the best tactic
  • What you should do as your first step to adjusting
  • The most important thing you should ask yourself
  • The best way to calm your brain so you can tackle the “new world”


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