Easing into the “New Normal,” Part 2

Ricki discusses the new normal and what to do now

When you think about our “new normal” at the moment (during the COVID-19 pandemic), what does your daily life feel like to you? Is it very different from your life before “sheltering at home”?

For many of us, life day-to-day is nothing like our lives before this all began in March 2020. With working from home, entire families living together 24/7, inability to go and and conduct daily errands or routines in the normal way, life can feel upside-down.

And I’ve heard from many of you that the upshot has been a blow to your healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Rather than continue on with your restricted diet and eating within the boundaries of foods that are healing for you, you feel as if you’ve lost the daily thread that has kept you on track.

And without the usual routines, it’s easy to slip into stress eating, or eating out of boredom, or eating simply because the food is there and right in your face.

But is this outcome destined to happen?

I think there’s another way to approach this time at home that can result in a much happier outcome. I talk about that in today’s video. 


  • What people are saying about living while “sheltering at home”.
  • The two most common reactions to living at home all (or most) of the time
  • A hard truth about living this way, and how long we might do so
  • Why this is the perfect time to lose that weight or begin that exercise regimen
  • The difference between daily routine before and after COVID-19
  • The reasons behind yo-yo dieting
  • Why starting your new diet or exercise routine now is more likely to be successful in the long run
  • How coaching can help with this kind of challenge


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