How to stick with it when you don’t feel like it

Ricki explains how to stick with your diet when you don't feel like it

You know it’s the best thing for you. 

You know that this will make you feel better.

You know that your symptoms will remain under control. . .

If only you stick to eating within your dietary restrictions.

And yet. . . somehow, you keep eating foods that aren’t the best for you.

Why is that?

When I speak to clients, they tell me that they just get tired. Tired of cooking every day, tired of all the time that it takes, tired of having to eat “special” foods, tired of being different from everyone else.

And so, in the end, they can’t seem to face one more meal that requires all that extra work–especially when everyone else can just grab a donut for breakfast, or grab a burrito for lunch, or grab some takeout Thai food for dinner.

They just don’t feel like doing it any more. They’re worn out.

And I totally get it (really, I do).

So what can you do to keep going when you simply don’t feel you have it in you to continue on? That’s exactly what I discuss in today’s video.


  • How things begin to feel like too much as people continue to shelter at home longer and longer.
  • Sam Sifton’s ideas about cooking and how they can apply to sticking with your restricted diet and eating in compliance with your diet
  • How the pressure may be even greater for women during this time
  • What will help you most in the long run so you can stick with it
  • What this approach reinforces in your brain that increases confidence and self-assurance
  • How this also influences future behavior and makes it easier
  • Why this improves self-esteem as well
  • New guide: Three Simple Shifts to Stick with it Right Now


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