If you think you can’t change the way you eat (Part 1)

Ricki talks about how to change your diet permanently

“I could never stop eating sugar or gluten–I love my food too much to give it up!”

Does that sound like you? Do you feel like you love food so much that it’s taken over your mind and heart?

Maybe you’ve heard things like, “well, we pay attention to people we love. We don’t sneak off to enjoy their company in private, or hurry up when we’re with them without really enjoying the time we have together, or give them half our attention while we watch TV or surf on our phones.”

In other words, if you really loved your food, you’d never hide it; you’d take your time while eating; and you’d never eat while doing anything else.

And while all of these ideas are valid–you really can appreciate the foods you love so much more when you take your time with them and give them your full attention–I’m not sure that you can’t still love food without doing all those things, either.

In today’s video, I talk about one of the most common comments I hear when I talk with clients or potential clients about changing their diets.

Just like other love relationships, we can love food even when the relationship is less than ideal. But what do you do about it?

Here are some ideas around how to look differently at the changes you need to make in your diet. These will help you to envision a new relationship that’s healthier and more beneficial for you–without giving up on all those “loved ones” in the fridge and pantry.


  • A key change you must make in order to permanently change your diet
  • A common response–even from people who want to change the way they eat
  • The main reason people feel they can’t eliminate the foods they need to in order to improve their health
  • One way to look at what it means when you say you “love” your food, and why I see this differently
  • My perspective on what it means to “love” your food and how it allows you to happily stick to your dietary restrictions
  • Why it might feel “too hard” to give up the foods you love
  • How you can change the relationship and still enjoy all the foods you love when you eat them
  • The baseline where you need to start in order to change your diet for good
  • How this all relates to what’s going on during the pandemic


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