The Main Reason People Fail with Healthy Eating

Ricki explains why people fall off healthy eating diets

Nobody starts a new eating plan thinking that they’re going to break it.

When you begin your sugar-free, gluten-free, egg-free, or dairy-free journey (or whatever “free” is equivalent for you), you’re not looking ahead weeks or months and imagining that you’ll go out to dinner with friends and order a martini. Or that you’ll be invited to your neighbors’ backyard BBQ and end up scarfing down chicken wings and Miracle Whip-drenched potato salad. Or that you’ll go on that trip you planned last year and throw the diet out the window when faced with authentic Italian linguine or gelato.

But that’s what happens to so many of us–and I hear these kinds of stores from my clients all the time.

It got me thinking about why so many people struggle with creating a new routine or habit around food that actually sticks.

According to the neuroscience, new habits are formed when we rewire our brains so that the neural pathways for the new behaviors are more deeply embedded–or more permanently etched into the brain–than the old ones.

But how does that actually happen? What does it take to really stick with it–without unexpectedly falling back into your old ways of eating?

It’s what I call it the “Marble Moment,” and it’s the place you need to reach if you want to create new, healthier habits for the long term.

Listen to today’s video as I explain what it is, and how you can achieve success.


  • The most common pattern when people try to follow a healthy diet–and what makes them slip off
  • How diet, Ricki’s new exercise routine and the “Marble Moment” are all connected
  • Ricki’s “light bulb moment” about her exercise routine that she began when COVID first started, and how it connected to her healthy eating
  • What was it that kept Ricki going with her exercise?
  • The role of new neural pathways in the brain when you establish new habits
  • How “pruning” works in the brain when you take on a new habit and let go of an old one
  • At what point does the new habit become stronger than the old one? Ricki used the “Marble Moment” analogy to explain.
  • Why reaching your Marble Moment is essential if you want to establish new, permanent habits.
  • How this relates to healthy eating habits, too.
  • Why it’s easy for Ricki to turn down unhealthy foods today (and you can, too).


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