The 2 Key Questions to Ask to Stay on Track

Ricki explains what questions to ask to stick with it for life

For so many of the clients I deal with, the idea of eating healthfully seems fraught with all kinds of hurdles that interfere with the best of intentions. You want to stick with healthy eating, but sometimes it’s too hard when everyone else around you is eating “regular” food.

Other times, there are insensitive people who try to push food on you, and it gets to the point where it’s just too hard to  continue to fend them off.

Or maybe, it’s just “one of those days,” and the stress is overwhelming–which makes the chocolate (or ice cream, or pizza, or wine) look too tempting to pass up.

If any of those situations applies to you, it’s worth asking the question, “What would it take to stick with your healthy diet–for life?”

Here’s what I’ve noticed: in general, the people I work with would have to focus on only two questions to be able to eat healthfully for the long term.

For most of us, we focus far too much on the first question, but not enough on the second.

If only the time spent on each were reversed, many more of you would have lifelong success with your healthy eating.

To learn more about how this might work, take a look at today’s video, where I boil it down to these two questions, and what’s involved in sticking with it for the long term.

Then, tell me what you think! Does this idea resonate for you? Would you be willing to try this?



  • Are your symptoms cleared up? Are you happy with where they are? If not, it’s important to look at two parts to the question, “What can I do to get better and be symptom-free for life?”
  • The topic of about 90% of the questions I hear from clients (and why this is a problem).
  • What you already know that could be helpful
  • What most people are not asking that could really make the difference
  • Which questions you should delve into instead (hint: not whether quinoa is okay, or which sweetener)
  • Why stress shouldn’t be a reason to veer off your healthy eating
  • What I’ve seen happen to people who DO eat the foods that their body needs to heal
  • The most important question to ask yourself


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  1. Michelle Spring says

    Loved this video and the concept of shifting our questions from “what” to more importantly, “how” … how to best advocate for our own long-term health ❣👍🌷🌷🌷

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