Two key shifts that helped me clear my candida

Ricki talking about how she cleared her candida

The other day, I had a sudden realization: although I often refer to myself as “95% symptom-free, 99% of the time,” it has actually been over a year since my last symptom flare-up.

Ever since I first healed from candida in 2010 (I started the diet and protocol in 2009), I always felt that candida still lurked right under the surface.

Although I generally felt good and symptom-free, and I had actually built a life that is now much more active, productive and happy than it was before I had candida overgrowth, I never really considered myself “clear.”

Since those days back in 2010, about twice a year, I’d face a real symptom flare-up. Maybe my rash would suddenly turn angry and a little red; maybe my sinuses would rebel and I’d feel an infection coming on. I’d usually self-treat with sinus irrigation, essential oils or other at-home treatments, and within a week or so, everything would be back to normal.

These things seemed to happen for no apparent reason. In retrospect, though, I could always connect them to something I’d eaten (such as too many flour-based foods) a supplement I lacked, or an extremely stressful period.

In fact, I would often tell people that I have “chronic candida.”

And yet, here I was, with a symptom-free period so long that I can no longer remember the last flare-up.

What made this amazing change happen? That’s what I share today.

And even better–I think what I did can be applied whether you deal with candida, Lyme, chronic joint issues or any other condition that requires you to eat a special diet.



  • When I was first diagnosed and went on the anti-candida diet
  • How I stuck with it for the next 10 years
  • What caused my relapse–and what my diet was like at the time
  • What happened with the doctors I saw, and the practitioner I finally found
  • My protocol that allowed me to start healing
  • How I changed my diet–and the effects of eating different foods
  • What changed that stopped the flare-ups
  • What I now think is the #1 shift you have to take to start healing
  • One mistake most people make when it comes to their diet that prevents them from sticking with it
  • The two key mental shifts that were game-changers for me
  • New workshop coming up soon all about how to get through the holidays!


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  1. So true! Thank you so much for your wise words and your recipes!! You have been incredibly helpful on my healing journey thus far from lyme and candida. I appreciate you Ricki.

    Wendy from Ottawa

  2. Thank you Ricki!
    That is some wise advise. Readjusting our focus on a bigger picture. Reminding us that feelings of wellness will come if we can focus on the positive/ what makes us happy.
    Thanks for the free holiday workshop too, I’m looking forward to it.

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