The Ultimate Keto Fudge (sugar-free, dairy-free, grain-free, optionally nut-free)

Keto chocolate fudge stacked on a plate

[Who wants a plate–I mean, a piece?]

One of the holiday delights that I absolutely cannot do without is fudge. (In fact, if you check the archives of this site, you’ll find not one, not two, but THREE recipes for chocolate fudge!).

So why a new recipe now (when it’s not even the holidays any longer)?

Well, for one thing, you can never have too much fudge. Just ask Maple Leaf Fudge in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, where it’s all fudge, all the time (and where I once consumed about 3 pounds of fudge in eight different flavors on a single trip to the town. (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration. Two pounds and 15 ounces).

It’s true, I think of myself as a fudge aficionado. And also a chocoholic. Two essential characteristics if you want to create the ultimate chocolate fudge.

But what happens if your diet also happens to be free of sugar, gluten, eggs and dairy? What then, smartypants?

Well, if that’s the case (and you’re me), you toil for hours in the kitchen creating batch after batch of sugar-free, dairy-free fudge, stirring until your arm is sore, taste-testing until your taste buds tingle with the sweetness of it all, cutting blocks of fudge experiments into bite-sized pieces so you can share with the HH, and basically eating fudge and nothing else for about a week.

(To be honest, I didn’t eat that much of it, even though I did produce about 14 batches in 5 days. I knew it would be waaaay too much cacao for me to consume in that amount of time, so I paced myself and ate only bite-sized pieces. Still enough to teeter on the edge of a fudge-induced sweets coma, though).

As someone who’s been eating fudge since I was a wee one, I knew exactly the correct aroma, taste, texture and appearance needed to reproduce a true fudge experience.

Plate with bite-sized pieces of keto-friendly, candida-friendly, sugar-free, dairy-free chocolate fudge.

[Want your fudge more intensely chocolate? Just add the extra bit of cocoa, as above.]

Real fudge has a distinct creaminess, a specific density, and an intense sweet flavor that often cannot be matched with copycat “healthy” recipes (and definitely cannot be matched by those other two- and three-ingredient “fudge” recipes I’ve seen out there).

For an authentic fudge experience, you need something that reproduces the effects of the original sugar and cream in true fudge, baby!

In a classic fudge, you basically make a soft ball consisting of sugar, butter, cream and milk. Once cooked, you test the temperature until it’s just right, then beat like a crazy person with a wooden spoon.

Real fudge is a lot of work, and A LOT of not-so-good-for-you ingredients.

I’ve recreated the perfect texture and taste here, yet kept the process super simple. While it does involve partial cooking in a pot, it doesn’t require a candy thermometer or unhealthy ingredients (and there are only 5 main ingredients in the recipe).

So print out the recipe, grab your ingredients, and get going! What the fudge are you waiting for? (Groan. But the final product is worth it, I promise!).

Chunks of sugar-free, dairy-free keto and candida friendly fudge

[Perfect for gift-giving–or just eating straight up.]


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