How to Deal with Setbacks, Part Two

Ricki gestures while talking about getting over setbacks with your health

If you follow a restricted diet for health reasons, you have likely experienced setbacks at some point.

I know, I know: for most of us, as we barrel along with our new diets, feeling confident as we begin to feel better, we imagine a healing trajectory that brings us from where we are right now (cookies, ice cream or my old favorite, frosting) to where we want to be (fit and healthy, eating kale chips or steel cut oats or Paleo pancakes with gusto).

It often comes as a surprise, then, when we fall off the diet, or, worse, experience a flare-up of previous symptoms.

What to do in those cases?

The first thing I want to tell you is: it is totally normal, and a regular part of the process of clearing your symptoms, to fall off the wagon occasionally or have periodic flare-ups.

The body doesn’t heal in a straight line; just like the path to success in business, the graph to illustrate how our bodies repair themselves and, ultimately, heal, is curvy, squiggly, filled with loops that go backward, forward, up and down. . . eventually, leading to a resting place on the other side of the graph that reads, “YOU ARE WELL.”

But it’s not easy.

So, it really does behoove us to figure out a way to deal with those inevitable setbacks.

The natural tendency, for most people, is to think, “I’m getting worse! This is awful! I’m never going to get better!” or some variation of that theme. But wallowing in symptoms, or focusing too much on what you can’t do rather than what we can do is probably the worst thing you can do.

In today’s video, I share three actionable, practical strategies you can use to stay motivated, stay positive, and keep the healing process moving forward. Just because your symptoms flare or you fall off the wagon doesn’t mean that you’re not going to reach your goal eventually.

Today’s video tells you how to get back on track and work through those times when it might feel like you’re moving backward.

Have you experienced setbacks in your healing journey? What did you do to deal with them?



  • This is Part 2 of dealing with setbacks. See Part 1 here. 
  • How comparisons can actually work to your benefit when it comes to setbacks.
  • How Superman helped me to get over it when I was feeling sorry for myself.
  • What your past can teach you to help you get out of a negative mindset
  • One way to recognize how much better things are getting when it’s hard to notice it due to flare-ups.
  • How to create changes in your health that actually last for the long term.
  • What to do to train your brain to believe that things are still moving in the right direction, even when you feel ill or like you’ve ruined your diet.
  • The importance of a positive mindset for healing.



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  1. Anna-Marie says

    You’ve nailed it there! those are the 3 strategies that I use (and discovered over time). Keeping records, comparing “down” rather than “up”,and then just getting on with it. I like to bring in strategies that “trick” my brain (or myself) and once you’ve realised you can actually do it, it’s really helpful.

    • So glad this has been working for you as well! I agree that once your brain realizes it can be done, the rest is easy. And if we need to trick the brain for that, that’s fine with me! 🙂

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