The Power of One

When you’re first told you need to change your diet for health reasons, it can feel like you’ve been dumped into a huge vat of chocolate with a collection of random tools and utensils floating everywhere and you have to try to fish through everything at once and create some kind of order.

In other words, it’s overwhelming.

When I meet with clients, I hear things like:

“I don’t know how to cook without gluten [or dairy, or sugar, or nuts. . .]. I have no idea where to even start.”

“How am I supposed to cut out all sugars when I don’t even know which foods contain sugars? And what’s the difference between sugar in a mango and sugar in a piece of cake? And what about all those different low-glycemic sweeteners–??”

“There are just too many things that need to change. . . what am I supposed to do if I can’t have bread, or bagels, or muffins, or wraps, or crackers, or cereal, or–??”

And the list goes on.

Because it IS daunting to think about every. single. thing. you need to do when you first change your diet.

So how can you make it work without driving yourself insane?

The latest in neuroscience and the studies on habit change have an idea. I call it “The Power of One.”

When we need to change something in our lives, sometimes the best way to guarantee a big change down the road is to implement a small change right now.

I explain more of what I mean in this week’s video, below.

Have you struggled to make permanent changes in your diet and lifestyle? What do you think got in the way?

Or, if you’ve had success over the years–how did you accomplish it? Share your best strategy in the comments so that others can benefit, too!


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  • What happened when my friend decided to lose weight using a different approach from what she’d done before
  • How long it took for her to see results
  • How she lost weight while still eating eggs Benedict
  • What I mean by the Power of One
  • How we can tap into the science of habit formation to change our eating habits for life
  • Why this approach works well even when you don’t feel compelled to make big changes right now
  • How this can also lead to many other positive changes in your life



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