Best Sugar-Free Holiday Treats

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If you love the holidays like I do, it’s likely you also love. .  . sweet treats!!

But that’s not the first thing people think of when they think “sugar-free” or “candida diet.”

I’m here to prove that you CAN have a delicious–even decadent–holiday season, and stay healthy, too.

Here are my top favorite sugar-free* confections on the blog. You can feel confident serving these to anyone–I dare them to tell the difference between these refined sugar-free goodies and those made with sugar!

See, the holidays really can be sweet. 🙂

Collage of sugar-free, gluten-free holiday treats

[Photo credit for large photo and lower left corner: Celine Saki.]

*No, these treats are not entirely free of ANY kind of natural sugars–they are free of refined white sugar and higher glycemic sweeteners like maple syrup, molasses, or dates. Even on an anti-candida diet (designed to starve the yeast), you can still enjoy lower glycemic sweeteners in stage 2 and beyond.

While some of my recipes use stevia-only, many others use a combination of low glycemic xylitol or coconut sugar + stevia.  If that’s not for you, no worries–you can find loads of entirely sweetener-free recipes all over the web, too. Enjoy!

Pictured, clockwise from large photo:

And not pictured:


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