Yes, this is candida-diet friendly cheesecake!


so you can love food again, live your authentic life and be rid of candida for good!

Maybe you’ve been to scores of doctors or practitioners by now, hoping that someone can help you with the nagging symptoms.

Incessant sugar cravings, “foggy thinking,” skin rashes, recurrent sinus infections or yeast infections have become an all-too-familiar part of daily life.

Perhaps those experts have given you prescriptions, or pills, or creams—and they all work, but only for a little while. And then the symptoms come back.

You might have been told to follow an anti-candida diet, but the thought of giving up so many foods made you feel even worse, and you wondered, “will I ever eat again?”

Or maybe you’re one of the thousands of people who have already tried a variety of anti-candida programs, only to find them too restrictive and impossible to stick with long enough to see any real results. You’re left adrift and on your own, without the personal support you need to really make the programs work so you can get to the next level of your health and begin feeling better.

Despite all this, you haven’t given up. You still believe there’s a way to get better, to beat the candida and heal.

In your heart, you know there must be a better way.

You think there must be a way to eat that doesn't feel like a culinary prison sentence.

It doesn’t feel fair to give up regular foods you love, or to feel like an outcast in your own life in order to effectively treat your yeast overgrowth.

What if there was a way to treat the candida, regain energy and eliminate symptoms—all while still enjoying your food, sharing your meals with family and friends or spending countless hours in the kitchen--all without stressing about what you can or can't eat?

Yes, it really can be done. And I’m here to show you how.

Even if you’ve tried different anti-candida programs and already know what you “should” eat, that’s not enough to assure your success with a challenging diet like this one.

As we all know, real life can throw some unexpected curve balls at you.

It’s easy to succumb when you’re forced to eat the same boring foods every day, or when you’re exhausted from spending time in the kitchen cooking multiple meals for everyone in the family.

What happens when you’re faced with a restaurant menu or a buffet table, and nothing in front of you is “allowed"?

Candida diet-friendly frozen mocha torte

And it’s tough to hang in there day after day when you constantly deal with nagging symptoms that won’t go away, overwhelming fatigue or crazy food cravings that make you think you’re stuck for life. . .

It’s easy to give up when you don’t have the right supports behind you.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Black Bean Burger on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

What if you knew how to approach these situations with confidence and determination?

What if the cakes, or the alcohol, or the hot dogs at the family gathering were no longer an issue for you, and you knew you’d be able to stick with it?

What if you had everything you needed to ensure you couldn’t fail?

​The key to healing from candida is totally in your control, once you know how to simplify and embrace the process. Getting better should not feel like punishment.

And it really doesn’t have to.

With the right plan, backed up with key strategies, foolproof recipes (all using “safe” foods), unlimited support and guidance. . . you know you’d stay the course. You’d be on the road to beating candida in a way that feels natural, normal, and even easy.

Even while you were healing from candida, you wouldn’t have to put your life on hold.

You’d be able to continue with normal daily life. . . spending time with family, friends or co-workers in a way that feels comfortable, with the conviction and confidence you need to really stick with it.

Eating within the boundaries of the diet will be easy, with stellar dishes like pizza, ice cream, chocolate, brownies, pancakes. . . all made from foods that are anti-candida friendly.

You’ll never again have to worry that you won’t have something delicious to eat while everyone around you feasts on sugar and alcohol.

Your family will cheer you on, thrilled with your success and at having the “old you” back again. And how great would that feel?

The Candida Kick-Start lets you relax and dive in, knowing you’ll have all that support, and more.

The reality is, beating candida isn’t a short-term prospect. It can take weeks. And sometimes, it’s tough to keep motivated and on-track on your own.

That’s why I created the Candida Kick-Start program: so that you have everything you need to beat candida, along with all the materials and support you’ll need to ensure you stick with it long enough to really heal.

Gretchen D.

"The incredible knowledge and wealth of information that Ricki provides with the program.. . is just amazing. You will be armed with all you need to know to help rid yourself of candida. Between the phone calls and Ricki’s diligent attention to the Facebook page, no stone is unturned. Ricki also provides great information, support and encouragement to really change how you eat for the rest of your life."

How I Got Here

It took years before I was finally diagnosed with candida and knew just what I was dealing with. By then, I’d had symptoms for two decades and hadn’t found a single doctor who could tell me what to do.

But after many visits to naturopathic practitioners and my own studies, I became a Holistic Nutritionist with a mission: to fully understand candida and devise a system to recover and get my life back.

I scoured all the available the books on the topic, the online programs, the websites and anything else I could get my hands on so that I was familiar with every major anti-candida diet out there. I took what worked and left the duds on the table.

As I continued to write about my experiences, people began to ask me for advice. And as I shared my progress and my recipes, I started getting feedback about how delicious the food was. . . even though it was “candida diet-safe”!

Jodie H.

"I haven't had a yeast infection in over a year now. I truly thought I was doomed to a life of misery but you gave me hope. I broke my Dr Pepper addiction by following your program and lost the excess weight I'd been carrying for 4 years. I've never felt better. You are such a blessing . . . Thank you just never seems to be enough. I love the fact that I can have fruit and cacao without a yeast attack. Toe fungus is gone . . . God bless you Ricki!"

Candida diet, vegan, gluten-free Lemon Cream Tart on

Yes, you can have this, too, on the program!

"I found your videos very helpful. . . I needed the information- biology and science, psychological issues, recipes, your own experiences and research, to be woven together in a way that made sense to me.I also think the program is organized in such a user friendly way, i.e. navigating through the modules with the pleasing and easy to understand graphics. I'm also so appreciative of your upbeat sweet personality- you created a warm and kind welcome into the full realm of work these healing challenges present. It is a "wraparound" holistic program- support, up-to-date research and science- based information, creative food ideas, personal connection, structure and timeframes, opportunity for questions, and ongoing resources for the future."

Leigh B.

And my approach worked! It took time, but as things got better and better, I found. . .

I could get up each morning with energy and anticipation to leap into my day. My mind was clear and sharp--no more foggy brain!

Ricki and The Girls on

I was able to go out with friends, eat at restaurants, throw parties in my home. . all without every worrying about what I would or wouldn’t eat.

I could take my dogs for hour-long walks and still feel great.

My skin cleared up. My weight stabilized. Yeast infections virtually disappeared.

I was able to heal from candida and get my life back!

I vowed to share everything I learned, so that no one else would have to go through the pain of living with chronic candida.

And with the key tips, strategies and tactics I’ve gathered, you’ll be able to do it, too.​

If you’re ready to kick candida for good--and regain the “real” you, full of energy, vitality and joyfulness once again--then you’re in the right place.​

What's in the Candida Kick-Start Program?

FIVE IN-DEPTH MODULES that cover virtually everything you need to know to succeed.

Nothing is left to chance, from adopting the right mindset for success to dealing with co-workers at meetings, family at the holidays or waitstaff on vacation (and yes, of course you can still go on vacation while following the diet!).

This is the same information I share with my one-on-one coaching clients, mapped out in minute detail so you won’t miss a single thing.​


  • The keys to your “mindset for success” that will allow you to adopt the winning attitude and approach even before you start and get you on the right track to ace the diet and protocol
  • The complete anti-candida protocol, so you’re crystal clear on all the foods you can eat, which ones to avoid, and which foods are your anti-candida “superstars” that will jump-start your healing
  • How to track your progress and know how your food might be affecting you and your symptoms
  • My full list of pantry staples to have on hand when you start, so you’ll be ready to eat delicious, satisfying, familiar meals that you’ll be proud to share with others


  • Typical changes you can expect when you first start the diet, and how to handle them all
  • Best ways to support your detoxification systems so that you avoid any unpleasant symptoms of “die off” or detox reactions
  • What you can do daily to maintain motivation and a positive approach to the diet
  • A full list of the best supplements and herbals to help fight candida, nourish your body and support a healthy detoxification


  • The five major types of challenges on the diet, and the 20+ practical strategies to dismantle each one
  • My tried and true methods to crush cravings and overcome overwhelm
  • Best ways to respond when people subtly sabotage or derail your candida diet, so you can continue to get better without the drama
  • Ways to save money and time when you buy and prepare your foods so you don’t feel like a slave to your kitchen


  • How to cook like a pro with anti-candida ingredients (and no one will even know you’re on a “special diet”!)
  • Tricks to revamp recipes with candida diet-friendly substitutes so you don’t have to miss out on any of your favorite foods
  • Best practices and tips for entertaining at home without compromising taste and fun


  • How to know when you can move on to the next stage of the diet and introduce new foods
  • How to ensure you can socialize, go to parties, attend meetings and other events without worry or stress
  • Tips for traveling on the anti-candida diet: how to prepare and what to do when you’re away
  • Bringing back some of your previous foods: when to do it and how to know if you should

($597 value)

Plus, you'll also get...


($247 value)

  • In these pre-recorded sessions, Ricki covers your most burning questions about the diet, what to eat, supplements, and more.


($400 value)

  • In this group, we share experiences, offer support and encouragement, ask questions, request feedback or crow about our successes--all with a group of like-minded people who get what it’s like. Ricki is in this group regularly to answer questions and offer feedback.
  • You’ll never have to wonder about how to handle a situation, where to find a product or supplement, or whether you should try out a new approach--it's more than likely someone else in the group has been there and will respond with their own experience and ideas. Ricki is in the group daily to answer questions or offer feedback and support. 


($47 value)

  • Your plan covers a full two weeks of program-compliant breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
  • Recipe packet with all the recipes listed
  • Shopping list so you can head to the store and be fully stocked and ready to go on the first day of the programNOTE: my recipes are all plant-based (ie, vegan). However, any dietary approach will work with this plan. You’ll find ideas and options for omnivore choices as well.


($36.92 value)

  • Copies of each of Ricki’s anti-candida digital cookbooks, including Top Twelve Stage One Recipes, Living Candida-Free Sampler Recipes, A Sweet Life Thanksgiving (holiday recipes), and Good Morning! Breakfasts (2nd Edition).


($600.00 value)

  • You'll have four live group coaching sessions with Ricki so you can get all of your questions answered! Private coaching starts at $150 per hour, so you'll want to take advantage of this opportunity for extra support. 

That’s a total value of $1,927.92

"I loved having direct access to ask questions of you [Ricki] and get your personal insights, from years of personal experience and study. That was invaluable. You are super patient, kind and knowledgeable. I so appreciate all I was able to learn while in the program. Thank you!!"

Pam W.
Lauren R.

"I made the chocolate pecan pie and the grain-free pumpkin pie. . . Holy cow, they were absolutely amazing!!! My family was absolutely amazed at how delicious they were, and all sugar/dairy/gluten/butter/etc. free! I also made your brussels, sweet potato and green bean casseroles, and cranberry sauce which were also devoured. . . . Thank you for saving my holiday!"

"Your delicious recipes and support have really changed my life. With the diet and a new exercise plan, I've lost 25 pounds since Christmas and I am back at my ideal weight. I feel wonderful."

Sue M.

How much would it be worth to be 
free of candida for good?

The Candida Kick-Start isn’t just a diet. Any anti-candida program can give you a list of foods and supplements.

The Candida Kick-Start offers a comprehensive program that also includes the real, day-to-day challenges that threaten to trip you up.

You'll have all the resources you need to keep following the program that will help clear your candida.

You’ll have a complete foundation of strategies, behaviors, techniques and tricks so that you can stick with the diet as long as you need to--until you get better.

With the materials in the Candida Kick-Start, you’ll be set for as long as you need, and develop habits and an eating style that will serve you well for the rest of your life--not just until the candida is gone.

I can’t wait to help you kick your candida for good. It doesn’t have to feel impossible. It can even be enjoyable--if you have the right kind of help.

I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey!

Carol M.

"Yesterday and today, I have awakened an hour or more later than usual - something I haven't done for years! I realized this morning when I got up that I DON'T HURT - my back, my tender knee, my other aches - are all very quiet; this is why I had been getting up so early. Amazing! Haven't felt this good for a long, long time. . . . For longer than I can remember, I've been afraid to hope I could beat this organism which has made me so miserable for so long - but, I'm now hopeful!!"

Still Have Questions?

Q. I’ve tried other candida programs. What makes this one different?

Most programs provide a list of “yes” and “no” foods, maybe ideas about which supplements to take. . .and leave you more or less on your own. But that doesn’t work! When you’re dealing with candida, you’re already overwhelmed and it can take all the energy you have just to remember what is and isn’t allowed.

The Candida Kick Start is more than just a protocol. You get a comprehensive, practical, live-your-life program that covers every aspect of the diet, from food to supplements to cooking, shopping, interacting with others in your life, dealing with psychological fatigue and keeping motivated. With the personal, LIVE attention from me, you get all your concerns addressed--by someone who’s been there and has 15 years experience with the diet.

It’s my greatest wish that every single person who takes this program ends up free of candida... for good. You won’t get this level of personal support in any other program.

Q. I haven’t been officially diagnosed. How do I know if I even need a candida program?

Most conventional MDs today won’t even acknowlege that candida exists. What they refer to as “candidiasis,” a life-threatening illness, is quite different from the alternative term, “candida”--so no wonder they look at you funny when you say, “I think I have candida.”

The Candida Kick-Start teaches you how to eat in a way that cuts sugar, gluten and toxins from your food. It’s a healthful diet that also helps to detox and rebalance the microbiome in the gut. Eating this way will help to remove sugar cravings and alleviate digestive distress.

So, even without an official diagnosis of “candida,” if you think you’re dealing with yeast overgrowth, the Candida Kick-Start is your best place to begin.

Q. I’m already overwhelmed with everything I have to do in a day. . . how will I implement a new way of eating AND do all the cooking for this program?

Let’s face it: everyone is super-busy these days. And even the most busy people have to fit what they do into the same 24-hour period as the rest of us.

But if you want to be rid of candida for good, you will need to change what you eat.

The Candida Kick-Start is designed to streamline the process as much as humanly possible so that you don’t spend all your time in the health food store or the kitchen. With a variety of recipes from super simple (10 minutes or less) to more involved, you’ll have a choice about what to cook. And the done-for-you menu plan, shopping list and recipes will help cut the prep time down to the bare minimum, so you can focus on getting better and getting your life back.

Q. My husband / children / friends / co-workers aren’t supportive of my dietary changes. Will I really be able to stick with this?

I’ve been following one form or other of this diet for over 15 years, and I haven’t lost any friends (or my husband!) yet. ;-) In the Candida Kick-Start, I’m going to share all the strategies I’ve learned to get my family on board, to diffuse any discussion with co-workers, and to draw out the positive responses from people who might have started out doubting what I was doing.

Once your family and friends see how you’re blossoming and how great you feel, they will clamor to jump on board supporting you.

Q. I’m not able to start right away. How long will I have to access the program?

Once you join the Candida Kick-Start, you’ll have a full year to access the modules, videos, and handouts as much as you like. The initial program is designed to span a six-week period, but the information and benefits will work far beyond that.

You can access just the parts that apply to you at the moment, or work through the entire program step-by-step.

The videos in each module are designed to be relatively short so you can watch one at a time and come back to them as you need them. It’s a tiny investment of time considering how this program could transform your health--and the rest of your life--permanently.

You really can get better. . . and you don’t have to stumble through it all alone.

It’s not magic. Once you know how to address the challenges of the diet, it’s not hard to move through the program, and the idea of “restriction” will disappear from your vocabulary.

You’ll be able to prepare delicious foods that you’ll actually want to eat--and your family will be happy to share.

You’ll see your symptoms improve or disappear. . . .and rediscover those hours you used to spend fretting about them and dealing with them.

You’ll feel like yourself again, able to socialize, spend time with family, or just pamper yourself with “me” time.

The Candida Kick-Start is the program I wish I’d had
when I first started on this journey.

I could have saved myself countless months and years of scouring the internet for solutions, reading books on the topic, searching for support among other people who knew what I was going through.

I’ve put everything I have into this course, so that you can get to the other side without all the frustrations, hurdles or difficulties that I had.

Today, I live my life with the freedom of knowing I can eat well without feeling deprived or like I’m the “outcast” at the table. I have an active social life, I have all the energy I need for my work, and I can enjoy leisure again.

There’s no better time to take hold of your health than right now. Your future self with thank you!

I can’t wait to see you “on the other side”!

Big Hugs,

By purchasing the Candida Kick-Start program, I certify that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.