Festive Freebie V: The Simply Bar Giveaway–and Help Me Give Away Some Money!


I decided to combine this week’s Festive Freebie with a different kind of giveaway–the charitable kind.  To find out about one of my long-time favorite snacks, The Simply Bar, as well as how you can help with my charitable donation, read on!

As I mentioned in the teaser post to this giveaway, I’ve been a fan of The Simply Bar for some time.  For many of us with dietary restrictions–and especially those who must stay away from refined sugars–The Simply Bar is a perfect snack.  It’s high protein (16 g per bar!), low calorie (all varieties are less than 160 calories), low fat, gluten free, grain free, vegan, and refined sugar free (agave-sweetened)–how’s that for a list of features?  Although I can’t indulge as I used to (agave is still a very-occasional treat for me), I am able to nibble a little bit here or there, and I know that the HH has been enjoying the bars as part of his on-the-go breakfasts at the office.

In addition, the company has prided itself on using real, natural ingredients, without any added fillers in their bars.  For example, the “Cocoa with Raspberry” flavor contains soy crisps (like rice crisps in texture and taste), organic agave nectar, organic brown rice syrup, organic cocoa, raspberries, organic canola oil.”  Six ingredients–that’s it!

Needless to say, I was delighted when Cathy, the owner of the company, agreed to share some bars with a DDD reader for this giveaway.

The bars are crisp, chewy, and reminiscent of Rice Krispie treats in their crunch.  The package I received included all five flavors: Lemon Coconut, Cocoa Coffee, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cinnamon, the Cocoa Raspberry mentioned above, and the newest flavor, Caramel (in a snack-sized, 100-calorie “Simply Snack.”) 

[The Simply Protein Oatmeal, with water (and a touch of cinnamon) added.]

Another recently-introduced product is Simply Protein Oatmeal, an instant oatmeal (all you do is add hot water) with a protein boost of soy crisps and a light strawberry flavor.  The crisps added a novel chewy texture to the bowl of oats and I appreciated the 12 g of protein per 1/2 cup (120 ml) serving (wow!).  While I’m not likely to use the oatmeal myself (it’s sweetened with dehydrated maple syrup flakes, which I’m not allowed on the ACD right now; I’m more of a cooked, steel-cut oat kinda gal in any case), I do think it would provide a good quick breakfast for people who might otherwise turn to the instant stuff in pouches or the oats offered at (gasp!) Starbucks.

If you’re looking for a healthy, natural snack that’s low glycemic, high protein, and safe for most eaters, The Simply Bar is for you!

And when you enter to win the prize pack. . . you can help me donate to one of my favorite causes at the same time!

I’m combining this giveaway with a “comment drive” to help build a donation for one of my favorite charities, Second Harvest, which collects perishable food from around the city and redistributes it to those in need.  I outline my reasons for choosing Second Harvest here in the teaser post. Since I no longer own a bakery that can donate food directly, I’m donating funds instead. . . and every entry in this giveaway counts for 25 cents toward the donation.

So how easy is that? Leave a comment to enter the giveaway and it will automatically be counted toward the donation as well.  Everybody wins! (Open worldwide).

To enter to win a prize pack of Simply Bars and Simply Protein Oatmeal, just leave a comment below, telling me which flavor you’d like to try, or which is your favorite charitable cause.  

Next Tuesday, December 14 at midnight, I’ll choose a winner at random and will post the winner’s name the following day. The winner will be asked to contact me to claim her or his prize–I will not be emailing you. I’ll also count up the comments and, based on the number, will write a check to Second Harvest.  So spread the word, and good luck!  😀